A Look Back At Our Summer

I can’t believe it’s September already Little J and Big J have been back in school now for over a week and I think it’s time I take a look at what we got up to over the summer holidays. Once again I failed dramatically at completing a bucket list update each week. I don’t know why I can’t do it, I just don’t seem to be able to update bucket lists. Anyway here I am with an update on what we got up to over the summer.
So we started our summer with a trip up to the Lake District. We stayed at Simgill Cottage again which is a place that we found last year. Similar to last year we headed to the Lakes as a large family of 14. We enjoyed three days of family fun. Simgill cottage is the perfect place for us and suits our family perfectly. We had a lovely boat trip on Lake Windermere and took a ride on a stream train too.

We also spent a lovely day at Lakeland farm maze whilst we were up in the Lake District. There is so much to do  and it kept us all busy all day even the older kids. There are go-karts, football target practice, large bouncy castles, large indoor and outdoor play areas, a farm with lots of animals, tractor rides and my favourite the maize maze. There were no hidden costs at Lakeland Farm Maze, one you paid your entrance fee everything inside was included. I haven’t got round to writing a post about Lakeland Farm Maze yet however I will try to soon but for now you can view our Instagram highlights.

After three lovely days it was time for us as a family of four to head down South spending 5 days at  the Merlin attractions Alton Towers,  Chessington World of Adventures, Thorpe Park and Legoland.

We love Alton Towers so it was no surprise that John wanted to spend his birthday there. We stayed over at the hotel the night before and enjoyed a nice birthday breakfast before heading into the park.

The park was actually quite quiet so we managed to enjoy most of the rides. Little J went on Spinball Whizzer for the first time and absolutely loved it. He is such a daredevil. I can see the time we spend in CBeebies Land shortening with every visit as he would prefer to go on the thrill rides now.

We have been Merlin Annual Pass holders for years but it was only this year that we visited Chessington World of Adventures for the very first time. Chessington, Thorpe Park and Legoland are quite close to each other so we decided to stay in one hotel for the duration of the break. We chose a Premier Inn as we never have any problems staying at these hotels and it was only a five minute walk to Chessington world of adventures.

Both boys absolutely love the theme parks and going on rides so this was the perfect adventure for them. The first day we went to Chessington World of Adventures. Although we have never been before it is very similar to Alton Towers. We are really enjoyed Chessington. There were a few highlights for us including The Gruffalo Ride, Cobra and The Room On The Broom.

Thorpe Park was really a day for big J as it is more thrill rides than anything else. We have been to Thorpe Park before and loved it. Having the age gap between the two boys means that we do have to try and find things for both boys to enjoy so it was only fair we spent a full day in Thorpe. Little J actually loves Thorpe Park which is odd because there is less than a handful of rides he can go on but he enjoys watching his big brother have fun. Highlights of Thorpe are definitely Stealth, Swarm and Saw. John and big J went on The Derren Brown Ghost Train for the first time this year and said it was really good.

We finished our theme parks tour in Legoland. This was the only park out of the four that I felt we should have planned to go for two days. There is so much to see and do that is was impossible to do everything in one day. There are no thrill rides at Legoland however I did feel that there was enough for both little and big J to enjoy. We hadn't planned to visit the splash park area but we did end up finishing the day off with little J enjoying a splash around in the water safari area. He is such a water baby and I know he would have spent more time in there if we had it.

The rest of the Summer was spent at home with big J working a Summer job and spending time with his friends and little J enjoying football camp and again having friends over for tea.

We did plan another day out in Blackpool visiting the Pleasure Beach. We booked ahead so got a great deal on ticket prices. We have only been to Blackpool Pleasure Beach a few times since I had little J and we have not been since he became a fan of rollercoasters. John and big J went on Icon for the first time, it's the Uk's first double launch rollercoaster. Little J absolutely loved Skyforce even though I was a little nervous and didn't take my eyes off him the whole time. We had a great day and again the queues were not too bad so we managed to do lots of rides.

We finished the Summer by big J, little J and I heading to Wales for a weekend while John went to Prague for a stag do. The boys and I went to Haven in Hafan Y Mor. We had a really fun packed weekend as there is so much to do there. It's been a long time since I had visited Hafan Y More so I was excited to see all the new features it had to offer.

I booked a caravan for us to stay in and again we got a great deal with a discount code and also cashback too. The caravan was a 2 bedroom but slept 6 and was big enough for us all. We had planned to arrive on the Friday, explore the resort then spend the next three days enjoying the facilities but also heading out to explore some of Wales. We never left the site as there was just so much for us all to do.

I will write another post about our time at Haven as there is so much to talk about it. I would definitely like to visit again and it was a nice way to end our Summer break.


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  1. Looks like you enjoyed a brilliant summer. We had a staycation too with lots of different days out - we didn't brave Thorpe Park but did do Chessington


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