Disney Limited Edition Designer Fairytale Snow White and The Prince

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When I heard that Disney were releasing a Designer Fairytale Limited Edition Collection of the princesses I knew instantly I wanted to get them. I had seen a few images that fans had uploaded from the D23 convention and they looked amazing. I already owned a Rapunzel Designer Doll and I love her so naturally I wanted to add to my collection. The first set was Snow White and The Prince.
With lips as red as the rose and skin as white as snow, Snow White certainly is the fairest of them all. Whether singing in a cottage or dancing at the Royal Ball, Snow White proves true beauty always comes from within. She is a vision to behold in a shimmering satin gown richly embroidered with gold. Upon love's first kiss from her Prince, all her dreams come true. 

Romantic side swept hair and dramatic lace collar frame her face. 

Elaborately embroidered bodice

Layered gown is decorated with golden gemstones, taffeta and lace detail. Embroidered foliage designs adds an enchanting effect.

 Velvet cape, puffed sleeves, belt buckle, boots and sword add the finishing touches to the Prince.

I had a few months to save up for this collection as the dolls were to be released one every two weeks with a total of 5 to collect. I cannot tell you just how stressful it was getting this set of dolls. They became available to buy in selected Disney Stores and online in the Summer of 2013, I chose to try and buy online as we didn't have a selected store nearby. The website would freeze and they would sell out almost instantly, it was crazy. However as you will see I did eventually get them all and they are my favourite collection by far. 

This is the first in the designer series to have a male doll featured in a collection and to have two dolls contained in each set. 

There was a total of 5 sets released which meant that there is a total of 10 dolls within the collection.

Each set of two dolls retailed at £100 making them the most expensive collection in terms of a set but cheaper per doll when compared to the villains.

After watching Once Upon A Time I had a new found love for Snow White and The Prince. If you know the show it was based on fairytale characters with Snow and The Prince being two of the lead roles. 

If you want to see who else was featured in this 5 set collection, keep an eye out for my next Disney post. 


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