Our Summer 2019 Bucket List

This year I have decided to do a Summer Bucket List so we can tick off all the fun stuff we do over the school holidays. I have been pretty rubbish sticking to bucket lists in the past so I am hoping this year will be different and I will try manage to tick some off. 
Climb Up A Hill And Roll Back Down

 Visit Harry Potter Studios In London 

Take The Scooter To The Park 

Visit A Castle 

Splash In The Sea

 Have A Picnic

 Go Plane Spotting 
Completed - Summer Bucket List Update Week One

Throw Pennies In To The Water 

Ride A Rollercoaster 
Completed - Summer Bucket List Update Week One

Spend A Day With Friends

Eat An Ice Cream
Completed - Summer Bucket List Update Week One 

Have A Water Fight

Play Football In The Park

Evening Stroll On The Waterfront

View The City Skyline

Stay In A Hotel
Completed - Summer Bucket List Update Week One

Play Car Bingo

Visit The Library

Make Lolly Ices

Spend Time With Family
Completed - Summer Bucket List Update Week One

Visit A National Trust

Build A Sandcastle

Have A PJ and Movie Day

Make Pizzas

Take A Boat Ride
Completed - Summer Bucket List Update Week One

Do Something New
Completed - Summer Bucket List Update Week One

I will make sure I post back weekly with an update on what activities we have managed to tick off



  1. Hope you have no objection to me copying your list - it's inspirational!

  2. things to do what a great idea told all our friends

  3. Visiting Goa in India is top of my bucket list.

  4. These are great ideas! I just wish I wasn't working so much!

  5. Lovely ideas here

  6. Wow, I love this idea and the things you've chosen

  7. What fabulous ideas, thanks for posting them!

  8. Looks like your off to a good start

  9. I hope you have had a lot of ticked places by now! Great idea :)

  10. Ah brilliant bucket list, such a fab idea to keep busy every day & enjoy the Summer hols! xx


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