Review | Bath Time Fun with Gelli Baff

Disclosure - We received a selection of Zimpli Kids products for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. This post contains affiliate links.

Last year we reviewed some Gelli Baff products and although little J wasn't sure at first, he soon realised he loved the Gelli Baff and has been hooked since. He has always preferred a shower to a bath but since he discovered Gelli Baff he would much rather jump in the tub now. Gelli Baff sent us a selection of products to try and although we haven't tried them all yet, the ones we have tried have been so much fun.

Crackle Baff
After looking in the box full of bath time goodies this was the one little J wanted to try first. Crackle Baff does exactly what it says it makes your bath crackle and pop. Little J was really excited to add it to the water and hear it crackle. Have you ever tried popping candy? It sounds like that, only much louder.

Baff Bombz
The Baff Bombz are perfect for bath time. Just pop the coloured bath bomb in to the water and watch it fizz. As it does it turns the water a nice colour. The Baff Bombz make bath time a little more fun but can also we used for water play too. If you have a water tray you can pop one in and make water play a little more colourful.

Emoji Baff Bombz
These are similar to the Baff Bombz above however they come in reusable containers. Once you have opened up your emoji baff bomb you pop it in the water and then play with the container.

Gelli Baff, Slime Baff and Sno Ball Play
These three products were the products we reviewed last year so you can read about our bath time fun on our previous review and how much little J loved having a Sno Ball fight and a bath filled with Slime.

Although most of the products we received are designed for bath time you can also add them to your daily play routine by adding them to water play or a sensory tray. Little J actually prefers to play with the more slime based products in his Gelli Worlds Dino Tray that we have previously reviewed rather than in the bath.

The Zimpli Kids range is constantly expanding and I recently noticed that coming soon is a Ryan's World range which is ideal for any fans of the young you tuber. Little J has been watching Ryan's Toy Review on You Tube for years so we will definitely keep an eye out for this range.




  1. We love Gelli Baff, but I didn't realise that Zimpli Kids did baff bombs - my daughter would absolutely love these :)

  2. I haven't seen anything quite like these before. They look like exactly the type of fun my son would love.

  3. These Gelli Baff products are so fab, our kids love them!

  4. My kids got some of the slime bath for christmas. They loved it and it was easy to wash away, apart from when my son decided he would throw some at the ceiling

  5. Crackle Baff sounds amazing - my kiddo would LOVE it!

  6. These sound like lots of fun and enjoyable for kids. What a lot of fun .

  7. How smart, a great way to make bath time fun and playful for sure xx

  8. This looks so much fun... Although maybe one to use at Granny's house

  9. Very COOL! makes bathtime a lot easier... brilliant x

  10. I've never tried these but I think it'd be great fun now!


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