Walt Disney World | Quick Service Dining

3 May 2019

Choosing whether a meal plan was good value for us the first time we went to Walt Disney World was a tough choice. We had no idea what to expect even after googling for hours. Now that we’ve been twice and know more about what’s available, the quick service dining plan is definitely for us.

What Is The Quick Service Dining Plan?

All dining plans can be added at the time of booking your holiday or I think if you decide to upgrade it can be done once you are at your Disney resort hotel.

The quick service dining plan gives everyone two meals and two snacks per day for the duration of your stay.

When you check in your meals and snacks allowance are added to your magic band and the total is for everyone you travelling with. When we arrived at check in at Art of Animaton we were told we had 112 meals and 112 snacks for the 14 days.

You don’t need to use your allowance each day, you can build it up if you wish.

What’s Included?

Each meal allows you to choose a main and a snack or drink. We’ve found the meals at the hotel are better value as there is more variety of meal choices and on most meals you get two sides too.

A sample of meals available at the hotel are


A wide selection of Pastries
Create your own Omelette
Egg ciabatta
Bacon on toast
A full breakfast of egg, sausages, bacon, French toast, waffles, pancakes

You can customise your meals too.


BBQ Pulled Pork on Brioche Bun
Create Your Own Salad
Create Your Own Pasta
Garlic Bread
Stuffed Meatball and Pasta
Chicken Curry
Chicken Parmigiana
Chicken Burger
Beef Burger

Most meals come with a choice of sides such as Garlic Bread, Caesar Salad, Rice, Vegetables, Chips or Fries.

You can then choose a drink either non alcoholic, alcoholic ( if over 21) or a snack. A snack at the hotel is a range of cupcakes, pastries, crisps, fruit or cookies.

Kids meals are similar to adults however they have their own large fridge where they can choose a drink and two snacks such as cookies, drink yoghurts, chocolate pudding or fruit.

Meals at the parks are quite limited and are mainly a choice of pizzas, burgers or chicken nuggets.

Snacks are available both at the hotel or in the parks.  Choose your snacks carefully as some snacks are only $2 and others are $8

Snacks include bottled drinks, ice cream, popcorn, cakes, cookies, and special snacks.

Each land in the parks have their own speciality snacks such as fantasy land has wonderland slushies or frontier land has funnel cakes. These can be up to $8 to buy but are classed as a snack.

Also included on your dining plan is a reusable cup. This cup is yours for the duration of your stay and can be refilled at the drinks station as often as you like. You can choose hot or cold drinks.

The cup can only be used at the hotel. If you take the cup to the parks with you, you can only fill up with water and ice.

Depending on which resort you are staying in Walt Disney World is offering free dining for trips in 2020 so make sure you check that out.

For more information on visiting Walt Disney World make sure you check out our Walt Disney World Posts.



  1. I have to admit, I know very little about Disney World as we've never been. I always struggle with limited options, as I have to avoid gluten, and so often it's pizzas, burgers, pasta, hotdogs etc on offer. Good when there are salads included, and the curry would probably work for me.

  2. We've never been so this is all new to me, but my older kids would love being let loose with an allocation of meals and snacks to choose what they fancy, it sounds good. Mich x

  3. This sounds like a great hassle free package - definitely one to check out if you’re heading to Walt Disney World!

  4. I think it's good that you get all of the credits then you can use as you want.

  5. I like the sound of this plan I wish we had known about it when we went 3 years ago. Its sounds good value for money.

  6. Sounds like a great way if you have lots planned on your itinerary. I can’t wait to take our girl here.

  7. I think we must have had a similar package when we went to Disneyland a few years ago. We had breakfast in the hotel and an evening meal in the park. We also had a snack voucher to use in the afternoon but we only actually used that once!

  8. It's been a long time since I last went to Disney but I remember doing something similar. The cup initiative is really good and must save on plastic too! :)

  9. I much preferred the quick service dining when we visited - such a great choice of food options

  10. Disneyland is a dream holiday for my kids, one day I’ll take them and thank you for the tips! 🙏

  11. It looks a great varied menu but I find the whole Disney thing so confusing. I'd just like someone to book the lot for me!

  12. Handy to know that you have your snacks covered as well as your meals. Plus the fact youv've pointed out that different snacks have difference prices which can be a way of catching people out. Shame there wasn't a wider range for kids meals though

  13. This is a great idea. I'm like my children - I like knowing what I'm going to eat for my next meal!

  14. We are looking to visit next year so this is great to know. With my experience of Disneyalnd Paris I can see it's expensive otherwise!

  15. I'm loving the look of that pain au chocolat! Cannot wait!

  16. I would love to go to Disney one and this sounds like a great plan to think about getting. I like that it makes things quicker and keeps your spending a little more under control.

  17. This sounds like a great plan, I love the flexibility of it and it definitely sounds like there is a lot of choice. Its fab that you can use them as you please too such as carrying them over the different days etc! I would absolutely love to visit Disney with my kids some day!

  18. This sounds like a great option for families! I don't have children myself, but will share this post with a few of my friends who do. I am sure they’ll find it very useful x

  19. Quick service dining definitely sounds like a fantastic and flexible option for families!

  20. I like the idea of a quick meal service and its something we considered when we travelled to Walt Disney world. We did love the choice we got with it.

  21. I do think this sounds like a good idea as food is a huge expense and can add so much to the cost of your holiday x

  22. I would love to go to Disney World one day, but sounds very expensive. This meal service sounds like something we would use our selfs if we do ever go. Love the look of the slushie!

  23. This plan sounds fab and something I will definitely consider if I ever visit Disney.

  24. That's brilliant that you can pick and choose what you like and make sure you're getting good value, especially with some of those expensive snacks.

  25. We took our grandsons to Disneyland Paris and the meal plans worked well there. When I daughter was little we took her to Disney World but we didn't use a meal plan then, but that was a long time ago !

  26. We've been to Disneyworld Florida many times but never stayed on site and never had the dining plans. I think when they have offers of the dining plan on for free then you would be a fool not to take it up. Would I pay for it? I am not really sure I think I would pay for a dining plan one time to try it but would go for the more expensive plan

  27. Its brilliant that Disney offers this. How friendly do you think the plan is for those with allergens? xxx

  28. Some times in Disney it is best to do quick service, so you can make the most of the parks for sure xx

  29. This is a great guide. The dining choices at Disney can be a bit overwhelming and confusing at times.

  30. Sounds a fab idea.. and great value for money

  31. Oh wow... what a great varied menu for everyone! Those pastires.... aaah they look delicious

  32. I would be the size of a bus after a holiday there! So much delicious choices!


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