Family | Celebrating Your 6th Birthday, Little J

I say this every year but I actually can't believe little J is 6. It only seems like yesterday that I headed to the hospital ready to be induced and wondering when our baby would arrive. He kept us waiting for about 36 hours after I was induced arriving at 10:59pm the following evening and the relief that he was here and safe was overwhelming. 

Little J has grown so much this past year and we are so proud of the little boy he has become. I could go on and on for pages about all the things that he does that makes us smile and laugh but I will try and keep it short.

When I think about little J the first thing that comes in to my head is just how much he loves his big brother. Those two are the best of friends and their bond is so special. It makes me fill up just thinking about how much they love each other. I don't think anyone can say what the perfect age gap is between siblings but for our family 11 years seems to work. Little J has been with us for 6 years and not one day has passed in those years were big J hasn't been there for his little brother. Whether it was spending time with him, caring for him, looking after him, playing with him or just making him laugh. I hope as they grow older their bond goes from strength to strength because it's beautiful to watch.

Little J is very popular and has had the same group of friends since Nursery. Although he can be shy at times it doesn't seem to bother his friends and they all play so well together. He has had friends over for tea quite a few times and I love listening to them talking to each other and making up games.

 Football has become a huge part of his life over the past year with him training and playing 3 times a week and spending the rest of his spare time kicking a ball around in the garden too. He loves football and I think his confidence (socially) has grown since he started playing. I love watching him play, he is so passionate about it and I hope it continues.

Little J's other passion is his game. He loves playing on the XBOX and his Nintendo Switch. He spent most of last year playing Fortnite although he would play LEGO games in between but recently he has moved on to FIFA and Roblox on the XBOX and he loves Mario games on the switch. We don't limit his screen time, he usually has had enough after an hour and ready to play something else.

Here are a list of little J's favourites at the moment

Exploring and collecting rocks is little J's favourite thing. He loves being outdoors and will go exploring even if just in the garden and bring in all sorts of rubbish for his 'stuff' box.

Food - Tuna Pasta and Garlic Bread
Drink - Orange Juice
Cuddly Toy - Taggy
Book - Mr Men
TV Show - Blaze and The Monster Machines
Film - Alvin and The Chipmunks
You Tube - Ali A
Game - Fortnite
Singer - Marshmello
Toy - A Football
Place To Go - Alton Towers
Favourite Subject at School - Maths and French
School Achievement this year - Appointed French Councillor

Little J has had a fantastic year and has achieved so much. Looking forward to the next. 

 Happy Birthday Little J.



  1. Amazing birthday fun wishes for you - enjoy

  2. Happy birthday Little J! A lovely young lad. x

  3. belated Birthday Wishes! yes the time goes so very quickly!

  4. Aw bless! 6 years old - he has grown so quick!


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