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25 February 2019

Disclosure - This is a paid post in collaboration with The Iconic. 

Disneyland Paris is one of our favourite places ever. It's so magical and no matter how many times we have been, we never get bored of it. We have been during different seasons, as a couple, as a family of 3, while I have been pregnant and as a family of four. We have picked up so many tips over the years on how to get the most of your holiday but I wanted to share my thoughts on visiting Disneyland Paris when pregnant.

First of all you may think 'Is it worth visiting if I'm pregnant?' my answer would definitely be yes. Disneyland Paris is so much more than rides its a whole magical experience and I have been twice whilst pregnant and enjoyed every minute.

What Rides Can You Enjoy When Pregnant?
When you first enter Disneyland Park head to City Hall. There you can pick up an Easy Access pass. This is for you and up to 4 others to gain entry to specificities rides without having to wait. You hand the card to a staff member at your chosen ride or attraction and they will be give you a time to return. This saves you waiting in line, you can go off, enjoy something else and return back within your time slot.

The Rides and Attractions you can enjoy when pregnant are

Disneyland Park 

Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Le Carousel De Lancelot

Disney Railroad

Meet Mickey Mouse

Dumbo Flying Elephants

Alice's Labyrinth

Le Pays Des Contes De Fees

It's A Small World

Princess Pavilion
La Cabane des Robinson
Pirates Beach
Le Passage Enchante d'Aladdin
Adventure Isle

Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast

Videopolis Theatre

Les Mysteres Du Nautilus
Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing
Rustler Round Up Shooting Gallery
Legends of The Wild West
Pocahontas Village

The Chaperral Theatre

Horse Drawn Street Cars
Main Street Vehicles

Walt Disney Studios

Animagique Theater
Art Of Disney Animation
Disney Junior Live
Stitch Live
Studio Tram Tour
Moteurs...Action! Stunt Show Spectacular

As you will notice there is a lot less available within the Walt Disney Studios but please bear in mind it is a smaller park. Studios is mainly attractions and most are available for you to enjoy whilst pregnant.

When Should You Visit When Pregnant?
Like I said earlier we have been at various times of the year and I would recommend visiting during the colder months, especially the Christmas season. It's cooler then and it's definitely less busy. I would make sure you pack suitable maternity clothes as it's generally a long day at the parks so you want to feel comfortable at all times. Also I found when I was pregnant in the winter visiting Disneyland Paris I could take off my coat if I got a little warm or flushed. During the Summer even in shorts and t-shirts it was so hot and I felt really uncomfortable.

What Can You Eat At Disneyland Paris?
No matter when I visit Disneyland Paris I struggle with food whether I'm pregnant or not as it is mainly fast food type meals such as burgers or chicken nuggets. If you like these then that's great however I couldn't eat them every day for the duration of the break so I took snacks with us so I could nibble on them when I felt hungry. When I was pregnant I didn't really have big meals I just grazed throughout the day to try and overcome my nausea so having little snacks really helped.

Planning is key to a magical holiday whether you are pregnant or not so make sure you are prepared before your visit. It can be a long day walking round, visiting the attractions and also if you are watching others go on rides you can't. Make sure you take breaks, have a rest and don't overdo it. If you are tired you can go back to your hotel for a power nap and head back out in the evening.


This post is a collaboration. The idea for this post, any thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own.


  1. I have never been to Disneyland Paris, but while expecting? I can only imagine it was a magically exhausting experience!

  2. Great tips. Good that you have an option to avoid queueing, although it's a shame to hear it's mainly fast food everywhere. I agree it would be hard to eat that for the whole holiday. Yay for a bag full of snacks! X

  3. Aw looks like you had fun though. I visited the one the one in California when pregnant with my first born - it wasn't a particular joy in the heat!

  4. Still A full itinery - there is so much to see and do

  5. wow!! looks amazing I cannot wait to go to DisneyLand xx

  6. It looks like you had loads of fun, despite being pregnant. I'd really love to visit Disney one day :)

    Louise x

  7. Incredible experience! It would be a dreamm to visit Disney, I've always been a disney fan x


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