Our Family Fortnight | Enjoying The Last Of The Festive Break

12 January 2019

I started 'Our Family Fortnight' last year and it is a nice way to look back at all the things we have done over the past 14 days. The past two weeks have been so different. The first week we spent as much time as we possibly could enjoying the last of the Christmas holidays. Then this past week we have been getting back in to the school and work routine.

So we had lots of party food and nibbles over Christmas and this was our last party table on New Years Eve. We never make plans on New Years Eve as we are usually asleep before 12am so we do a little party table.

One of our many trips to local parks. Little J loves being out and about especially climbing. 

I got two new books for Christmas and I cannot wait to read them both. I've just started Busy Philipps. 

This was little J's first lesson on how to play Pooh Sticks. He was so excited choosing sticks to play with and then watching them float down the stream.

Overlooking the city of Liverpool from St John's Beacon.

This was one of little J's Christmas presents - Magic tracks. He absolutely loves making tracks and watching the cars go round, he likes it when they crash. 

Little J is loving drawing and painting. He really does get excited about creating pictures and popping them on the fridge for everyone to see.

Other than work and school these are just a few other things we have got up to this past fortnight.

- We enjoyed a nice afternoon at Patisserie Valerie
- John and Big J have been to two football home games.
- We enjoyed a lovely day with all the family - I love watching all the cousins playing together.
- Both boys had a back to school haircut.
- I had a filling at the dentist and a clean and polish which hurt more than the filling.
- Little J had a football match. Although they lost 4-3 they are definitely getting better.

Over the next two weeks we have two birthday parties to go to but other than that who knows what we will get up to.



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