Monday, 17 December 2018

Disney | My Mary Poppins Wish List

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I cannot wait to see Mary Poppins Returns when it is released in the UK on the 21st December. Growing up Mary Poppins was my favourite film. I would watch it every day after school and at weekends. I would pretend I was Mary singing and dancing in our front room. My nickname at work used to be Mary because people would say I was Practically Perfect In Every Way. I loved that and that phrase is probably my favourite out of all the Disney movies. I have made a Mary Poppins wish list and if you are a Mary fan like me then you will love my choices. 

Firstly I have chosen this cute make up case. There are so many variations available of this case on various sites but I love them all. This one is currently £6.99 from Truffle Shuffle

 I have a bit of an obsession with notebooks and although I have so many already that have not been used, I still have room for more.  This Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious A5 notebook is just £11.99 from Amazon.

This might not be everyones cup of tea but I love Disney clothing and this is gorgeous. The tee is made from soft jersey material and the skyline is made from silver foil print. Currently available at Asda for just £10

 As well as my obsession with notebooks I also have an obsession for mugs too. This mug is a little different though, it's a heat changing mug. Just add some hot liquid and see a gorgeous skyline image appear. Currently available from Truffle Shuffle for £9.99

I have a lot of Disney jewellery and I haven't been wearing it at all. I'm not sure why but just recently I decided to clean it all up and start wearing it again. I have bracelets like this from other movies but this has got to be added to my collection. I love it. Again this is from Truffle Shuffle as is currently priced at £41.99

Nothing better than new pyjamas. I usually buy my Disney Pj's from Asda or Tesco so i was really pleased to see these Mary Poppins Pj's available online at Asda. Currently priced at £15.00

I've saved the best till last. How amazing is this umbrella. It looks just like Mary's. You can buy this umbrella in a number of places however the cheapest I can find it is on Amazon at £19.99

Are you looking forward to the Mary Poppins Returns?


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  1. OK I had no idea that so many Mary Poppins themed items had come out already! Looks like people are really getting into the spirit of the new film. I love the umbrella myself I could definitely have it,

  2. Yes super excited for the return of Mary Poppins I love all of the gifts,been looking around of some other items to go with the ones I have :)

  3. I am so excited to see this film, and all over these things, especially the umbrella

  4. Some great picks, I absolutely love truffle shuffle. The top looks really nice x

  5. I don't often go to the cinema these days but I'm definitely going to go and watch the Mary Poppins movie.

  6. All of this is GORGEOUS and I especially love that mug - adorable!

  7. These are all so cute!! I cant wait to see what they do with the film!! :)

  8. Ooo i love the bangle, so cute! I cannot wait to see Mary Poppins this week!

  9. That umbrella is AMAZING! I'be bought my friend a Mary Poppins make up bag for christmas!

  10. I cannot wait to go and see the new film! Mary poppins is such a classic. These are some fab gift ideas - love that brolly. X

  11. I love the original Mary Poppins and cant wait for the new version to be released. All of these products are lovely but those pjs are amazing!


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