Bucket List | September

It's the 1st of September and for me September is the beginning of a new year. I go back to work after being off all Summer and the boys are back to school. September is also the start of my favourite time of year. There is just something so special about Autumn and then the lead up to Christmas, I just love it. I've jotted down below a list of things I would love to tick off my bucket list this month.
1. Celebrate Big J's GCSE results by attending his special presentation evening. 
I haven't mentioned it on my blog yet (but I will very soon) but Big J did amazing on his GCSE's and we are so proud of him.

2. Help little J to settle in to Year One.
I think he will find year one very tough. Reception is all about playing but year one is all about the work. He still seems too young to be sat at a desk all day. 

3. Create a work space for both John and I.
I have finally ordered a desk for us to both to share when we are working from home. Really looking forward to jazzing it up with lots of stationery and other accessories. 

4. Plan some days out for October Half Term
I do have some ideas in mind but I need to get something booked

5. Arrange some play dates for little J
We've already had a few over the Summer but I need to arrange some more. He loves being with his friends.

6. Start a new series to binge watch over the next few months.
We desperately need to catch up with the new series of The Affair, West World and Once Upon A Time but also looking for something else - any suggestions?

7. Have a clear out of toys.
Little J has so many toys and they are in desperate need of a sort through. 

8. Try to get back on track with my Slimming World Journey
Unfortunately this one creeps in to every monthly bucket list. I do so well the first few weeks then undo all my hard work in the last weeks of the month. Why is losing weight so hard?

Hopefully these will keep me busy over the next four weeks. What have you got on your monthly to do list?



  1. A great list! I think I will grab some of those!

  2. A bucket list for a month is a great idea

  3. We love being out and about in Autumn, some fab ideas, thank you!

  4. On my to do list is - Get the boiler serviced before winter, get some more heating oil before prices go up, get my son some new trainers as he's growing.

  5. great idea as most things you would like to do are never done

  6. I keep thinking about a bucket list a monthly one seems so much more accessible

  7. New school year.... EEEEK! :-o

    New school term.... Phew! :-s

  8. I love the idea of a monthly bucket list!

  9. very organised! I keep a bucket list for every month too but its hard keep up with it. lol x

  10. There are lots of great ideas for things to do in September

  11. Margaret Clarkson
    It's good to have such plans, otherwise you can drift along.

  12. Great idea to do a monthly bucket list!


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