Monday, 3 September 2018

Disney Limited Edition Designer Princess Rapunzel

Disney is such a huge part of my life and I haven't really shared that on my blog before in great detail so I thought I would start. I am a Disney fan and collect lots of Disneyana including Limited Edition dolls. Today I wanted to show off my first ever Limited Edition doll that John bought for me just after I had watched the movie Tangled for the first time. Rapunzel is my favourite princess out of all the princesses so I was so overwhelmed when he brought it home.

The designer dolls were the first of their kind and were announced at D23 Expo in 2011. This is like a convention in America for fans to hear Disney news and see upcoming releases.  Rapunzel was released on October 18th 2011 and like most of the Disney Limited Edition dolls she sold out very quickly. John had to buy Rapunzel from a collector who no longer wanted her, but had to buy her at a higher price than she originally was. She was released with a RRP of £60 however she can sell for 4 times that on sites like eBay .

Rapunzel was released on the same day as 4 other designer dolls. The previous five dolls were released weekly however as they were so popular there were masses of complaints from fans who couldn't get hold of one. The term Dollmageddon was used as the Disney Store website was constantly crashing and also lots of fans were able to checkout their purchase only for Disney to later confirm that they had oversold and refunds were made. 

Rapunzel is the only designer doll I own but as Disney release so many limited dolls each year I never have the chance to save up for the older releases. 

The idea behind the designer dolls is they are artists renditions of how they believe the Princesses would look in the 1950's / 1960's.

Rapunzel is featured with her signature long hair and in a strapless dress with a ruffled crumb catcher and corset lace-up bodice. 

My Rapunzel is limited edition number 5595 of 6000

Rapunzel was one of the most popular out of the Designer collection however unlike the other dolls all the added extras for Rapunzel sold very well too including pins, mug and journal. They still manage to sell for quite a lot of money 5 years later on eBay.

I look forward to sharing the rest of my collection with you over the coming weeks and months. 




  1. Beautiful doll, i also collect Disney products but mine are Christmas Baubles, i think its great fun to have a collection of what you enjoy and can add to

  2. I do love Rapunzel!! This is a mega-pretty doll! xx

  3. Looks lovely. I like anything Disney

  4. Oh she is lovely! look at those eyelashes!!

  5. My DD would love this, but she has a face like butter wouldn't melt.... :)

  6. I was always envious of Rapunzels long hair, and I guess I still am

  7. Oh she's lovely! Really detailed!

  8. That looks very well-designed and well-made. It does have a vintage look to it.


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