Splashing Fun In The Sun

We are absolutely loving the heatwave that we have been experiencing over the past month or so. It's just like being on holiday so we have had lots of play days in the garden and fun days out. One of our favourite things to do so far is lots and lots of water play. It's a perfect way to keep cool during the day and it is so much fun.

Little J has had this paddling pool for a few years now. We bought it from Costco and its got lots of features including a sprinkler which wets the slide so you can glide down easily. The only thing is we connect it to the outside tap so its very very cold water that sprinkles out, little J doesn't seem to mind. 

A few weeks ago we visited Lytham St Annes. It was just a day trip as it is only an hours drive away just between Southport and Blackpool. We packed up our towels and swimwear as we were going to head to the beach and have a dip in the sea. Before we got there we spotted this little outdoor pool that was completely free of charge. A quick change and little J was straight in. It was a great way to cool down and he had lots of fun throwing buckets of cold water over Dad.

John thought his pool was a little bit too small now to play in as there wasn't a lot of space to swim about so bought this new one from Smyth's Toys last week. There is lots of room in fact at one point all four of us were in it. There is a little slide which the boys have used to jump over and do dives in the pool. Little J has enjoyed using his new Aqua Sphere Kameleon goggles in the pool. He loves playing a game where we drop something in the water and he has to find it. We popped a £1 coin in when he wasn't looking and then he put his goggles on and went searching in the water. 

With the goggles having a patent curved lens offering 180 degree panoramic vision it wasn't long before he found the coin. 

I just love how confident little J is in water. I think it's such an important life skill to have. He is so happy jumping, diving and swimming and I love watching him. I hope he continues to enjoy the water and I hope we have more chances for water play days this Summer.


*We were gifted Aqua Sphere Goggles to be featured in this post*


  1. wow that looks so much fun! I need to have a look to get one! My little one would absolutely love this!

  2. You just can't beat playing in the water! I am taking Pickle for swimming lessons soon. Kaz

  3. You can’t beat a bit of water fun in a heatwave my daughter has some from them in pink and loves hers!

  4. I can safely say water is the number 1 way to get the whole family having some fun in the sun! I'm 19 and my family age up to 70 and there's no one left out haha.
    Stelle Xx

  5. It looks so fun, especially with all the weather we are having. I agree, I think water confidence is such an important skill to have.

  6. We've been visiting my parents in Germany during the heatwave, and the boys have been having fun playing in the paddling pool and running through the sprinklers. Not something they are used to coming from Scotland.

  7. I am such a water person, so think it is great for kids to get in the water and have fun - this is fab! x

  8. Oh this is brilliant I love the little slide. That would definitely be a hit on our house. Monkey loves to use his goggles in the paddling pool too. X

  9. Great to see the kids splashing about enjoying the sunshine! That's such a lovely thing to do when there is enough water for it in the summer. I hope the supply situation improves in future.


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