A Summer Filled With Football

We have been getting in to the World Cup spirit here and although the tournament is coming to an end I don't think little J's passion for football will stop anytime soon. He's always had a love of footballs and having a kick around in the garden or park but recently it seems his love of the game has cranked up a notch.

At the beginning of the year he was invited to Everton's training ground to attend a coaching session. There were a few boys from his class there and he really enjoyed it. He got the chance to do warm ups and other activities before playing a mini match. It was after that we decided to try and find any local football teams or coaching sessions that he could do to help improve his skills.

He has been attending football coaching sessions weekly which he is loving. He is learning lots about the game and has made some nice friends there too. There are times when he doesn't seem bothered whether it's because he's tired or it was too hot but I have to keep telling myself he is only 5 and one hour running round on an astro pitch is a lot for his little legs.

Last half term he attended a football camp. This was completely new to us as neither of the boys have ever done anything like this before but he was sure he wanted to go. It was only local and I paid a day rate rather than for the week as I was almost certain he wouldn't want to go back after day one... I was wrong. He absolutely loved it and couldn't wait to go back the next day and the next.

Both his dad and brother noticed a big difference in him after the coaching sessions. He seems to have more understanding of the game rather than just trying to score a goal.

A few weeks ago we were sent a Fusion Football Training Set and I knew as soon as he saw it he would be thrilled, I was right. The set includes two mini goals that are so handy to take out and about as they pop up and fold away so easily.

The set also included two size 4 footballs and ten cones which he uses in his football training to dribble around so now he can practice in the garden or park.

The football's are proper hard balls and not the fly away type. This type of football is great for strengthening little J's legs are they are quite heavy and will get him used to hitting a ball with some weight in it, up until now he has just been using a light ball.

Everything all fits in a neat bag so it will be great to take this whenever we go out because he always wants to play football. 

Last week at his football session he won man of the match. He was so excited and obviously we were so proud of him.

We have lots more football activities planned over the next few weeks so I think we re heading for a Summer filled with Football.


We were sent the Fusion Football Training Set to be featured in this review. Any thought, opinions and photographs in this post our my own.


  1. Sounds like a perfect summer for little J!!

    Such a nice summery post :-)

  2. Aw, how cute. I think the training also helped boost his confidence which more understanding does. Never know one day we may be seeing him in the world cup! x

  3. Oh he looks like he’s having so much fun with the football training, good for him! This weather is definitely perfect for football!

  4. Ah sounds like a great summer filled with football! My eldest is 14 and football crazy but my youngest three are all getting into it lately too!

  5. That all sounds great. There is a surprising number of ways to enjoy football, it's always worth trying a few!

  6. Awww well done on getting Man Of The Match, J! That looks like a great set

  7. Ooo what a fab footie filled summer. It is a great activity too that gets the kids in the outdoors and keeps them fit x

  8. He's so cute! My little one is going to football club next term and can't wait!

  9. What FUN who knows they might play for England one day

  10. Good to see he is so passionate about this sport and being active and the at home set looks ace too

    Laura x

  11. What a great setup for practice. Those goals would definitely encourage accuracy!

  12. Little J is having fun there. Glad he enjoyed his set. Hopefully he will play one day in national team.


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