Our Family Fortnight #1

These last few weeks have been spent enjoying the last week off before the back to school and work routine started and then just trying to get used to the early morning starts again. It's so tough!!

Here's our last two weeks in photos.

 New Years Eve we headed to The Albert Dock in Liverpool. They have an ice festival with ice skating, an ice slide and lots of rides. We had a fun packed day and finished off with a meal at What's Cooking. This was the night that the fire happened at the Liverpool Echo Arena Car Park and we were there and saw it developing but fortunately we hadn't parked in that car park so we were okay. Not everyone was so luck and over 1,600 cars were destroyed.

A Lazy New Years Day morning playing Lego Marvel Superheroes 2.

Our last 'Christmas' dinner on New Years Day.

 Early morning start playing Play Doh

Special day for little J today as he was invited to play at Everton's training ground, Finch Farm. He had an amazing time and keeps asking when he can go again.

 While his big brother was shopping for clothes, little J and I were people watching at the Trafford Centre.

 PJ day playing lots of Lego.

 A special night for big J an Everton away game and not just any game it was Liverpool v Everton. Unfortunately Everton lost but big J had an amazing time and the result certainly did effect how much he enjoyed visiting a different football ground.

 Wrapped up warm for a stroll around Tatton Park. We visited the farm but little J just loves climbing and exploring in the woods.

 Not a good evening when your neighbour knocks to tell you someone has hit your car whilst parked outside your house. Unfortunately the driver didn't stop so we have no idea who did it. Parts of the car were scattered over the road and as the impact was so bad the whole body work has shifted and not in line anymore so we won't be seeing our car again.

Making delicious hot s'mores. 

 Little J wanted to pop to Tesco with me and wrote a list of the stuff I needed to buy.. I don't think new toys were on the list though.

Not quite sure were the time has gone but big J is applying for Sixth Form. I still cannot believe he will be taking his GCSE's this year!!!

What have you got up to so far this year?



  1. Is that snow tubing in the first pic? I love snow tubing, so fast! I have been well this year.

  2. I spent so many hours on the Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 game - it is such a good game!

  3. Great photos - snowtubing looks fun!


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