Little J's Visit To Finch Farm

19 January 2018

A few weeks ago we received a letter from the Everton Academy inviting little J to a fun day at Everton's training ground, Finch Farm. Little J was more than excited and has been counting down the days till he could go and show off his football skills. He absolutely loves football and will go out in the garden most nights with his big football practising his strikes and also his goalie skills.

The idea behind the fun day at Finch Farm is for boys and girls in reception year at school can go and learn some new skills and also show the Everton coaches what they can do.

When we arrived little J was taken through with the other children and the parents had to wait outside. After 10 minutes we were escorted through Finch Farm and shown to a viewing platform overlooking a huge indoor astro turf football pitch.

There were signs everywhere instructing us that under no circumstances can you take any video or photographs of the children. The main reason for this is to safeguard the children but also because we are inside the academy and it is strictly forbidden. If I am being honest I was gutted as I wanted to get some photos to remember the day but we were told that we would be removed if caught. I did however see a dad videoing his son slyly on his phone which isn't fair but I guess that's up to him. We did abide by the rules and took no photos.

Little J soon came on to the pitch wearing a number 35 white vest. He looked so happy and had found two other friends from his school so that was nice.

The training started were they had to go head to head with the opposite team in blue vest. When the whistle blew if it was your turn you had to race to the ball and shoot to try and score a goal. Little J made it to the ball first every time and scored. Overtime he did. he would do a little hop and a jump, obviously very happy with himself. This part of the training lasted approx. 15 - 20 minutes and then they were allowed to have a little rest and a drink.

Next it was learning ball control, dribbling and doing fancy moves with their feet. Little J enjoyed this but probably not as much as the previous session. He was actually really good and was able to keep the ball at his feet most of the time.

After another quick drink and toilet break it was time for a small match against the blue team. It was 3 against 3 and at first little J looked a little confused, He wasn't really sure what he should be doing however he quickly got in to it. He wasn't afraid to go in for the ball when another child had it and he looked like he was having the best time.

When he finished he was handed a small certificate which now has pride of place in his room.

The only thing now is he keeps asking when is he going back so I think we may have to look at some football training for him because he absolutely loved it.



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  4. What great fun - looks totally thrilled

  5. At first I thought Finch Farm was an actual farm! It is good initiative as it can get them active and allow to have fun at the same time.

  6. How fabulous for the little ones to have this opportunity. Shame about the no videos or pics rule but pleased he has his certificate as a record of the day.


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