Surviving Half Term With A Poorly Little J

Little J finished school on Thursday and he was so excited and ready for a week off school. It's his first half term since being in full time and he is so exhausted. I didn't think it would be as tiring for him as it has been but like everything he just takes it in his stride. On Saturday we went Pumpkin Picking which was the first of many planned activities for this week. On Saturday night just before bedtime he vomited. At first we weren't sure whether it may have been something he ate or whether it was a bug so we waited to see what would happen next. 

Sunday he was fine. He was complaining saying he had a sore tummy but other than that he was up and about as usual, playing. Monday he felt sick again but we thought it was triggered by a very strong burning smell outside that he really didn't like. He is quite sensitive to smells and will often gag when he sees or smells something he doesn't like however this morning he vomited again. Obviously because of the time in between the 'vomiting' we decided to ring the NHS 111 number to get some advice. She agreed that as it has been a few days in between it may be worth getting him checked out. We went to the doctors today and they think it is just a bug and hopefully it will pass. 

So this isn't really how we wanted to spend our half term but I do feel so sorry for him and I am just hoping it passes soon and we can maybe do something fun this weekend. 

I've had the windows and doors open all day to try and get rid of any sickness bugs, stripped all the beds and I have been using Milton everywhere. I usually just use a normal anti-bac spray but Milton is the one that sticks in my mind for killing all sorts of germs and bacteria, plus I've got the wipes and hand gel too.

As for little J he has just been lazing around today and not wanting to do much. He has a new app on his iPad called Azoomee so he has been playing on that and watching episodes of my favourite show ever Charlie and Lola. 

He did have a surge of energy before and decided to dance round to our new Teletubbies CD but after a couple of minutes he was back on the couch with the blanket over him watching his Milkshake DVD.

It's horrible seeing him like this as there is literally nothing you can do. I always make the mistake of not offering him any food at his normal mealtimes but advice now says don't let them skip a meal, if they don't want it they won't eat it but we still should offer. He has still be eating but I've only been serving up half size portions and he hasn't asked for any more. 

So I'm not sure what the rest of our week will look like but I know there will be lots of cuddles on the sofa and hoping he will be better soon.


Disclosure - We received some Milton products last month and I have decided to include them in this post. 


  1. Oooh dear let's hope he feels better soon

  2. Oh no sorry to hear about Little J I really hope that he feels better soon! How is he feeling now? x

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  4. Poor little love. Without fail at least one of mine will be ill over the October and February half terms. Hope he's a lot better now and back to himself.

  5. Poor thing...glad he's better now? Horrid when there is not much you can do to help your kids when they are ill :o(

  6. Oh no, it's always when they have time off and things planned, glad he's better now, my Megan loves cuddling up on the sofa with a fleecy blanket and movie when she's ill too xxx

  7. Aw bless him, I hope he made a speedy recovery! It’s so nice to have them back and in full health after they’ve been so poorly. Our little one (he’s 4) gets recurring tonsillitis - every 4-6 weeks so we treasure the time in between when he’s well! He’s missed out on so much though. Now on the waiting list for a tonsillectomy...!


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