Little J's School Days - Starting Reception

Little J has now been at School for almost a month. It's come around so quickly that I hadn't had time to really think about what that means until now. My little boy, my baby is doing 9-3 in school 5 days a week. It's insane how quickly the time has flown by and although I still can't get used to the fact that he is not with me 24/7 he seems to have settled really quickly. 

In many ways little J is so mature and advanced for his age. I work in a Nursery and I know some of the things he says and does is not something you see from an average 4 year old. His nursery teachers told us that his love of numbers is amazing and not only can he quite happily count beyond 100 he can recognise the numbers, put the numbers in to a sequence and just loves anything that involves digits. We have obviously known this for quite some time but it's only since he started reception I noticed he has started to recite the numbers backwards too. He will start counting down and not just from 5 or 10 he picks a random number such as 54 and begins counting backwards. 

Little J is very sociable and seems to be making lots of new friends as well as friends from Nursery. He loves coming home telling us who he played with or sat by for lunch. It's a huge improvement from his brother who would come home and tell us he did nothing all day with no one. 

The biggest change is he now stays through lunch and at the moment is having hot dinner. He really enjoys it and will tell us what he liked or didn't. The funniest was one day he came home and said he didn't eat his pudding. When I asked him why he said ' It was cake but it had weird sauce on it?' I really want to know what the weird sauce is! He's having a variety of dinners including sandwiches, pizza, fish fingers and chicken. 

Another change is he now has homework. He gets a story book each night which we read together. He also gets a weekly homework which he needs to complete in his learning log. The idea behind the log is we find out what he has been learning in school and then we have to show in a variety of ways how he is learning them at home. 

He seems to have adapted to his new daily routine very well and I am so happy he is happy. I thought he would be coming home very tired but he gets a boost of energy when his big brother comes home. 

He has always been an amazing sleeper. We have never had any problems at all. He slept through from a baby but when he was about 6months old his sleep would go beyond 14 hours a day which had the health visitors concerned. They weren't concerned enough to do anything however they felt that if he was asleep for so long, he wasn't awake enough to develop. We then found that he was hitting his milestones 3 months later than he should have but we were never concerned. As he got older the 14 hours sleep a day only really reduced by 1 hour and he was quite happy to sleep 13 hours a day. It did become a bit of a problem at home not because he slept but the time he wanted to sleep. He would sleep from 5pm - 6am the next morning. Not matter what we tried he would be asleep by 5pm so we had to have him fed, bathed and ready for bed by 4:45pm each night which was a nightmare. We tried to keep him up even till 6pm but it was horrendous and he would be constantly waking during the night. 

Over the last year we have managed to keep him up past 6pm in preparation for starting school as he can't come home from school at 3:30 and be in bed by 5pm but he can get quite cranky and whiny. Over the last month we have adapted our routine slightly and once we are home from the school run he has he dinner around 4:45, bath or shower at 6:30 and asleep most nights at 7pm. It seems to be working so fingers crossed he keeps to 7pm otherwise if it's any earlier we won't get to see much of him.

How were your little ones when they started School. Did they settle well?



  1. Hope he enjoys it,great photo x

  2. I also want to know what the weird sauce was!

  3. He looks very smart in his uniform, my daughter is five and was really upset when starting nursery at 3, she is in year 1 now and absolutely loves it, she really enjoyed reception last year and settled well and this year I was dreading the tears after 6 weeks off but she couldn't wait to get back to her friends xXx

  4. It's so good to hear that he has settled in well.x

  5. Glad you've got the routine sorted
    Plenty of time for yourself on the evening


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