Monthly Bucket List - September 2017

I have decided to start up my monthly bucket lists again so I can keep a note of all the things I want to do each month. I usually start the month with a list of things I need or want to do and by the end I haven't actually achieved anything. It's so frustrating so from now on I'm going to make time to complete my list. 
1. Go to see The Addams Family - I absolutely love going the theatre and this is definitely on my 'want' list for this month. 

2. Meet Carrie Hope Fletcher - I absolutely love Carrie, and for those that don't know who she is she is an actress, you tuber and the sister of McFly's Tom Fletcher. She is the only one left on my 'want to meet' list as I've met her brother Tom and his wife Giovanna. 

3. Try not to cry as little J starts school - This has come around so quickly. I actually cannot believe he is starting school. I know I will be sad but I want to be happy as I know school is an amazing opportunity for him to learn, grow and make lots of friends.

4. Try not to cry as big J starts his final year in Seniors - similar to the above I actually don't know where the time is going but my baby is doing his GCSE's this year - how did that happen?

4. Become an auntie again - My new nephew is due on September 10th so I know he will definitely arrive this month. Can't wait for baby cuddles. 

5. Have a date night with John - We do have something booked so I am looking forward to it.

6. Finish the Home Improvements on the house - This has been ongoing now since May but I can finally see light at the end of this very long tunnel.

7. Going for an Autumn walk and collect conkers - We missed looking for conkers last year so I want to make sure we definitely find some this year.

Do you have a bucket list? 



  1. It sounds like you have an exciting September. Good luck with the not crying. I nearly cried yesterday because my youngest was going into her last year at primary school. lol
    Ahh! I've seen Carrie Hope Fletcher on YouTube but I didn't realise she was the sister of him out of McFly. Doh!

  2. Great list. I don't have one but love the idea

  3. Good luck finding the conkers :)

  4. What a good idea to have a monthly bucket list. It would give me a chance of having a few small wins in life if I set achievable targets. I will give it a go. Thank you.

  5. No I don't but I just have had a 'things to do before you have kids that you can't do when you have kids' list haha!

  6. Great idea, that's something I need to do

  7. Some fantastic days out, I should do this as I always forget what needs to be done around raising my three children, and we have a few days our in mind so may actually get around to taking them if we make a list xxx


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