Little J's Pre School Days - September

Time flies so fast and I can't believe that in a few days time little J will be starting school. He absolutely loved nursery and all his friends so he is really looking forward to seeing them all again. I and trying to be happy for him because I know he is ready and keeps asking how may more sleeps till big school but I am dreading not seeing him all. He just seems too little to be away from us 9-3, 5 days a week.

So this will be my final Little J's Pre School Days but will start a new feature next month featuring everything he gets up to in school. 

So August has come and gone so quickly. As we have been getting work done on the house we haven't been away although we have enjoyed a few days out. 

A rainy day in Thorpe Park. Little J is crazy about emergency vehicles so whilst John and big J went on Swarm we found a plane, a fire engine, an rescue helicopter and an ambulance.

The biggest Iron Man ever in Legoland. Little J loved Legoland and has asked 100 times when are we going back. When we go next we will definitely need more than just one day.

A trip to Walton Hall Gardens.

Our most recent day out was a trip to Blackpool. We love it there although little J will soon be too big for Nickelodeon Land at the age of 4 as he was more interested in going on the thrill ride, The Avalanche. 

As always little J loves spending time with his big brother. He is actually becoming a mini version of big J. He just wants to be with him all the time and do whatever he is doing. It's so nice that big J has so much time for him and will spend hours playing with him each day. 

This month little J has decided that he likes Slush or a 'slushy' as he calls it. Now I think this is because big J likes slush too but either way whenever we go anywhere we hear the words 'can I have a slushy?'

Little J loves playing hide and seek although he always gives himself when hiding because he giggles. I have to pretend that I don't know where he is and when I find him he always seems surprised I knew where he was.

The biggest change this month is just how much he has started to love music. I mean he has always loved music, dancing and trying to sing along but this has gone to another level. He has spotify on his iPad on an account we all share and he listens to it all the time. He loves most of the top 40 and any other song we introduce. He just wants music on all the time. 

This month Little J loves . . .


Ruff Ruff, Tweet and Dave
Go Jetters
Super Wings
Get Well Soon
Power Rangers SPD


Over The Hedge
Flushed Away


Barcelona - Ed Sheeran
Sharp Edges - Linkin Park
XO Tour Llif 3 - Lil Skeet
Power - Little Mix
Get Low - Liam Payne


Cars 3
Fifa 17


Super Wings
Ninjago Lego
Cars 3 cars
Hot Wheels
Hot Wheels Track

My favourite things Little J has said this month . . . 

"For tea can I have Chicken Fried Breast"
"How many sleeps till I start my new class" (school)
"I wanna go back, can we go back tomorrow?"  whenever we go somewhere he really likes
"When I grow up I wanna be like Dad"
"I want to work in a police house and under arrest people or I'll work in Pizza Hut"

Next month will be little J's first ever School Days. I think I might cry.



  1. Looks fun. Fifa 17 is my son favourite too

  2. Yes, they seem to grow up so quickly. Little J seems to admire / respect the role models in his life. Hopefully in time he will become more aware, more independent, and make appropriate choices of his own :- Those choices being suitable for him as an individual, who is part of a family as well as the wider community.

    School days are the start of children's being part of the wider community. Preparing for adult life, etc.

    Rachel Craig

  3. Lovely pics and lovely post. You are right that time flies by so quickly.


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