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12 August 2017

You may have read recently that we were chosen to be one of the Super Wings Ambassadors for this Summer. We absolutely love the Super Wings programme on Cartoonito so little J was very excited to receive a range of toys to play with this Summer. We received the Super Wings Airport, remote Control Jett and transforming characters both large and mini. 

The Super Wings Airport is the ultimate playset for any Super Wings fan. The playset opens up and is like a relief airport with realistic sounds and phrases from the Super Wings crew. 

The set comes with mini characters Jett and Donnie. You can attach Jett and Donnie to the fly bar and watch them spin around before the come in to land. 

You can pop them in the control room where they can take charge of the planes taking off and coming in to land. 

There is a rotating baggage carousel and working elevator too.

When set up the airport is 90cm wide with the ramps attached however these are removable for easy storage. Little J loves watching Jett and Donnie whizz down the ramp at high speed. 

RC Jett is a lovely addition to the Super Wings range of toys. Little J absolutely loves anything remote control however some can be tricky with lots of buttons but Jett is so easy to use, even I can do it. 

He has two buttons on his remote control forward and turn. Jett can spin 360 degrees and is quite fast for a child's toys. 

When Jett is moving across the floor he has lights and sounds which give him a realistic effect.

The controller is chunky but small enough for little hands. Its made of good quality plastic and although I don't recommend it but little J has dropped the controller quite a few times and there is not even a mark on it. 

The transforming characters come in two sizes, normal size and mini which are perfect for the airport set. 

Jett and Donnie are mini transforming characters and can be transformed from plane to robot mode with legs and arms and back again. Very easy to. The larger Jett we received is also the same. he can be transformed to a standing robot in just 10 simple steps. 


What We Loved

The Super Wings Airport is a great playset with lots of realistic features. Little J absolutely loves the ramps and will  watch Jett and Donnie whizzing down for hours. He likes the characters to take charge in the control room and its nice to see him recreating missions that he has seen on the Super Wings TV programme.

RC Jett is perfect for little ones that like being in control. Little J loves RC toys and Jett is so simple to use and goes quite fast. The lights and sound are a great feature which gives him a realistic effect

The Transforming characters are perfect for imaginative play. The mini bots are the right size for the airport and the larger are chunky and perfect for play. They can easily transform from vehicle to robot in a few easy steps and little J only needed to be shown a few times and now he can do it himself.

What Could Improve

There isn't anything I can think of because each toy is really good quality and great for little ones.


If you want to be in with the chance to win your own Super Wings Toys don't forget to enter my giveaway. Just head over to my giveaways page now. Also I will be co-hosting a Super Wings Twitter Party on 17th August so keep an eye out for my updates on this over on twitter PlaydaysRunways.

You can view the Super Wings range by heading over to Amazon 



  1. Haven't seen the programme, sounds good. Toys seem great, will be keeping an eye out for programme and toys.

    Rachel Craig


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