Our Summer Days, Day 8 - Thorpe Park

I have mentioned it before on our blog that we are Merlin Pass Holders, and have been for as long as I can remember. Although we don't venture down South to the attractions very often we think it is still excellent value for money just for the amount of times we go to Alton Towers each year. This year we said that we would try and make an effort to go to Thorpe Park and Chessington World of Adventures as we have never been before. Last weekend we finally made it down South and visited Thorpe Park and Legoland. 

The trip down from the North West is not an easy one. We chose to drive down Friday and it took over 7 hours in total. That does include a few stops but it should have only took 4 hours. We decided to stay in our usual Premier Inn in Hemel Hempstead. We have stayed here many times before when visiting various attractions down South such as Lollipop and Harry Potter Studio Tour. It’s only a 35 minute drive to both Thorpe and Legoland and we stay because it’s so much cheaper than staying closer to the attractions. 

After the mammoth drive we were so happy to reach the hotel, although very tired we did manage to muster up some energy to wish John a Happy Birthday. His birthday wasn't till the Saturday but we knew we would have to be up and out early the next day. When he went down the bar I quickly put some Mickey Mouse decorations in the room and blew up some balloons. He was very surprised when he got back. 

The next morning we didn't get up till 8:30 which is very late for us. By the time we had breakfast and fought our way through the traffic on the M25 we didn't actually get in to Thorpe Park until Midday. By now some of the queues were 60 minutes so we made a decision to buy John and Big J a fast pass each. We bought Full Throttle which entitles you to enter the fast pass queue for the following rides, Stealth, Swarm, Colossus, Nemesis Inferno and Saw. When we purchased them she asked us which time we would like to ride then gave us a few options starting a 1 o’clock. We chose 1 o’clock and it was only when the fast passes were printed that we realised that they had 30 minutes from 1 o’clock to ride Swarm, then between 1:30-2 they had to ride Stealth, 2-2:30 was Colossus, 2:30-3 was Nemesis Inferno and then finally 3-3:30 was Saw.

This wasn't explained to us when we bought the tickets she just asked us what time we wanted to ride. It worked out okay but it just meant that they had to ride one big ride after another with very little break in between. There was no flexibility and the order of the rides was already determined. Colossus and Saw are close together but we had to go to Nemesis in between which just seemed silly. John and Big J enjoyed it though and were very very brave. Thorpe Park has 5 of the top rides in the UK and they looked very very scary.

There wasn't very much for little J. There was a small rollercoaster called Flying Fish, a Pirate Ship,a ride similar to the Frog Hopper at Alton Towers and a spinning train ride. Little J seemed to like it however I wouldn't visit again with little J in tow.

It’s mainly for the thrill seekers. Big J absolutely loved it and managed to go on a few of the big ones twice due to parent switch, 

His favourite ride was Stealth and John’s was Swarm. I was happy with the few little ones I went on but big J asked me to go on Stealth. By this time the rain was pouring down and the ride had closed for a while beforehand. Anyway I plucked up the courage and it was probably the scariest ride I’ve ever been on but lots of fun.

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  1. oh this looks like such a fun day out! Id be too scared for the rollercoaster though! x

  2. I've never been to Thorpe Park but I would love to visit one day!

  3. We've never been here but would love to

  4. Never been to Thorpe Park but it looks really good


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