Our Summer Days 6-7


Today while the sun was shining we played Crazy Chefs out in the garden. Little J got this game from Grandma and it is his one of his favourite games now, he loves it. 

John and I headed to Manchester to see Sister Act The Musical at the Manchester Palace Theatre. It was so good, very funny and Alexandra Burke was amazing as the lead, Dolores Van Cartier. 


Raining today so we had lots of indoor play. Little J wanted to do his Cars 3 jigsaw this morning on his own without any help. 60 pieces in total and it isn't an easy jigsaw but he did it.

We are practising handwriting this Summer as little J really struggles to hold a pen correctly. He doesn't really enjoy writing to drawing so loses his attention quite quickly. I tried to use his magna doodle to make it more fun. It worked. He copied letters then we did a letters game that I created for him. He had to spell out words by finding the correct letters. He still struggled knowing which way to hold the pen switching from palm to pincer grip and back again, but hopefully practice will help.

How is your Summer holidays going?


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  1. Looks like you have had a fun week, we didn't do much this summer as we were moving home, and my fiance works all week and I'm learning to drive, we did have a lovely week in Norfolk then came home and moved xxx


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