Our Summer Days 1-4

School is out for Summer which means that I have to now think of ways to keep the boys entertained for 6 weeks . . . eek! I actually love the Summer holidays and being with the boys. Whether it's days out or play days in we always have lots of fun. Here is an update our Our Summer Days 1-4.


Our first day off and I decided to start clearing out little J's toys. His toys are everywhere at the moment and because we are having work done on the house they are so dusty and needed a good clean.

I sorted through all his Duplo (which he absolutely loves) and it's now all together in one big tub. So much easier than it being scattered round everywhere


Today Daddy and I headed to London for the day. We have had it planned for quite a while now and the main purpose of the trip was to go and see Wicked The Musical. We have never seen it before so we were both very excited. 

While there we decided to make use of our Merlin passes and went on the London Eye and also the London Eye Rive Cruise. The cruise isn't included on the Merlin pass however you get half price tickets which is great. 

Wicked was absolutely amazing, so much better than I expected. The running time is 2 and a half hours and it flew by. I will write about it separately but for now if you haven't seen it you must go, its fantastic.


After a long day yesterday travelling to and from London in a day we had a chill day but popped out to our local Hungry Horse for dinner. Was delicious. 


Little J is feeling slightly under the weather today. He's got a cough and a sore throat so I just popped out early morning for a few things, however spent 20 minutes in the toy aisle as little J wanted to check out every car in the shop. 

When we got home we set up Little J's Super Wings Airport. He absolutely loves it, I will post a review separately later this week. We also found the Super Wings TV programme too which is great. 

How has the first few days of the Summer Holidays been for you?


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  1. I love seeing pictures of people out and about enjoying attractions! Thanks for sharing all this; it's very joyful. I hope Little J is feeling better. Illness has a way of waiting to strike until you take a break, sadly.


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