Our Summer Days, Day 5 - The British Music Experience

Today we were invited along to The British Music Experience. I had no idea that this even existed until we got the invite, which is sad as its only 20 minutes from home. The British Music Experience has been open 4 months and has so many exciting things planned for the future but for now we popped along to check it out.

The British Music Experience is situated in Cunard Building in Liverpool. The idea behind the experience is to showcase music through the eras and includes lots of different interactive features. I wasn't sure whether there would be enough to keep little J entertained but decided to go anyway. 

When we arrived we were greeted outside by a member of staff who escorted us into the building. Once inside we headed to the cafe area for a quick breakfast snack. Abigail introduced herself as our tour guide for the morning. She was really enthusiastic and knew her stuff about music.

Listening to Girls Aloud

When we headed in to the main stage area the experience is sectioned into eras. 

Zone 1 1945 - 1962
Zone 2 1962 - 1966
Zone 3 1966 - 1970
Zone 4 1970 - 1975
Zone 5 1975 - 1985
Zone 6 1985 - 1993
Zone 7 1993 - 2004
Zone 8 2004 - Now

Abigail took us on the tour of the eras highlighting all the different types of music including skiffle, jazz, rock, punk, reggae, pop etc 

Dresses worn by X Factor contestants

There is lots of costumes, information, instruments on display behind the glass cases and alongside the displays there are interactive features too. Little J really enjoyed watching the tv screens and listening to the music on the headphones. 

Using one of the many interactive features

Every 20 minutes or so we were invited in to the main stage area for a show. The first show was a look back at lots of music including one of my favourite bands Queen. The floor lit up with lots of coloured lighting which little J decided to dance on. The second show we saw was a hologram of Boy George singing Karma Chameleon. I thought it would be a good idea to video this as I had not seen anything like it before but I got told off. No recording is allowed, oops.

I would say that the favourite part for little J was getting the chance to actually play the instruments. I assumed he would like the guitar and he did but he was fascinated by the drums. He would have stayed on them all day if he could. 

There were lots of instruments to try including keyboards, guitars with acoustic and electric, drums and also a dance studio. 


What We Loved

Abigail our guide for the morning. She was really friendly and knew her music knowledge. 

Lots of interactive features.

The chance to play real instruments.

Close to home, so not far to travel.

What Could Improve

Maybe a small soft play area with toy instruments. This would be ideal for younger guests. 


My favourite Spice Girl - Geri

Overall we had a lovely morning at The British Music Experience. I would say that for younger ones you will probably take just over a hour in the experience but for older children and adults you could spend hours. Just as we were leaving there was a large group of teens arriving and they headed straight for the instruments. You would have to keep in mind that this is probably the most popular part of the experience so you may have to wait for the chance to play. 

To find out more about The British Music Experience you can visit the website.


Disclosure - We were invited to The British Music Experience for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own.


  1. This looks amazing; there must be something there for everyone who likes any kind of music. I think visiting would make me feel really proud, too, of this element of British history. I'm surprised that it was possible to try out instruments; what a great idea! Thanks for the write-up.

  2. Looks like alot of fun.

  3. I haven't heard of this before but it looks like a great day out, and you look like you really enjoyed yourselves xxx


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