What I'm Saving For In 2017

As I write it's 186 days until Christmas and for those that think it's too early to start thinking of the 'big day' then you may be wrong. Yesterday Argos announced their predictions for the toys that will be on the top of children's Christmas lists this year. I am like a 'big' kid when it comes to Christmas as it usually means that my favourite brands will be releasing some new gadgets. If you have read any of our previous tech posts, then you will know that I do love my gadgets, and it's no surprise that these 3 below will make up my most wanted gifts for Christmas 2017.

At Number 3 - SONOS 3 Room Starter Kit. The most impressive sounding speaker system I have ever heard. It uses WiFi to send your music around the home and can even play different songs in each room using the app on your device. Small yet powerful and very nice looking too. You can also invest in some wall mounted stands for the 2 room speakers. Amazon.co.uk have this set available for £740 currently.

At Number 2 - the not yet announced but definitely imminent Apple iPhone 8. I have been an android user for nearly 2 years but it's time to go back to Apple. The leaked designs for the latest iphone show a new design for iPhone with touch screen replacing physical buttons and a full screen front, this will probably sell out before its even released. A must pre-order if you are wanting one for Christmas. No prices yet revealed but expect somewhere in the region of £900 at launch.

At Number 1 - Microsoft Xbox One X. A bit of a mouthful to say and really just an upgrade to the latest Xbox One S, but so much power. 6 teraflops in fact, sounds a lot to me. The console is designed to rival high end gaming PC set ups, and is setting it's sights on being the most powerful games console.  The price has been confirmed as £449 at launch. There are usually bundle offers too adding in games and extra controllers if needed. 

Just talking about the above has made me quite excited but unfortunately Father Christmas doesn't pay me a visit so if I want to own any of the above I will have to start thinking about saving or taking out a loan

Have you started saving for Christmas? What's on your wish list this year?


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  1. I love my gadgets, too! I don't know what I'll be after in the next few months; I'm mostly window shopping when I look at lists of imminent releases.


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