Our Family Fortnight 14/01/2017

Our first Family Fortnight post of 2017. A quick recap of what we have got up to in the last 14 days. To celebrate the end of 2016 we visited the Liverpool Ice Festival. We did ice skating, we went on the ice slide, some rides and then we went on the Liverpool Wheel. It was a lovely day and we were very lucky not to get any rain. It's a nice day out especially on New Years Eve as both Daddy and I aren't keen on New Year's anyway. We finished off our day with a visit to Pizza Express.

We went shopping in town and before we headed home the boys had a cheeky chocolate milkshake. Little J could barely hold his as it was so cold. 

The last mince pie.

Enjoying their last day off before it was back to school.

Little J feeling very proud of himself after he received two stickers in Nursery. One for writing his name and the other for painting. Well done little J. 

I spent almost the whole weekend sorting through my doll collection and I am going to be blogging about my collection every week, featuring a different doll. 

Daddy and I had our first date day of the year when we went to see Assassins Creed. Perfect beginning to Alphabet Dating as it began with A. Daddy loves Assassins Creed games on his Xbox and I wasn't sure whether I would enjoy the movie as much as him but it was really good.

We've ended the fortnight on a bit of a low as big J got a throat and ear infection. He was really poorly and after a trip to the doctors he came home with some antibiotics. Poor big J but he is now on the mend so hopefully back to normal next week.

What have you been up to this fortnight?



  1. You have been busy! Sad it ended with the dreaded lurgy...
    now things are almost back to normal and Christmas seems an age away.

  2. Oh dear at big J and the cold, typical they wait till the schools are back.
    The ice Festival sounds fun. Love your adult dolls still in the box.
    A date day sounds good, we all need some couple time. Glad you enjoyed the film.
    Welcome to the project

  3. Happy first two weeks of 2017. I'm looking forward to reading about your doll collection. Your boys and their snuggle together is so cute, so much love oozing out of that photo! I hope big J is already feeling better on those antibiotics.

  4. Hope he's feeling brighter now. I'm missing the mince pies already! Well done on the stickers from Nursery #365

  5. i hope the last mince pie was enjoyed

  6. The ice place sounds really interesting. Boo to illness, hope he's feeling better soon. #365

  7. Liverpool looks and sounds like a good place to visit, as looks like you all had a nice time on your visit. Time seems to have gone quickly, I tried to rest following busy time of Christmas and New Year. Then I have tried to catch up on needs and requests of family etc. Bought a piece of tartan today, as we have a Burns Supper to attend with friends this weekend.

    Rachel Craig

  8. My eldest son is a big assassins creed fan, hope everyone is now well, seems like a lifetime ago that I had a mince pie ! #Project365


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