Our Family Fortnight 01/10/16

1 October 2016

The past two weeks haven't been very exciting really. We haven't done as much as we would usually do but I think it's mainly been because of the weather, it's been rubbish here up North. We've had lots of wind and rain so it's been quite miserable. Anyway here is a look at the last fortnight.

Firstly both big and little J had a haircut. Big J hasn't had one for a while so he really needed it. I wasn't sure whether he was considering letting it grow as I know some of his friends now have long hair but in the end he got it cut. Little J's was a back to nursery cut. Love it when they have had a hair cut, it looks lovely and neat.

Daddy and big J went to see Everton play at home. It was a late Saturday kick off and they won 3-1. They both came home excited for the rest of the season as that score took Everton to number 2 in the football tables.

Unfortunately their enthusiasm didn't last long as they lost their next two games.

I have joined Slimming World and I am planning to update my progress on my blog throughout the next few months. The above is a Slimming World Chicken Tikka Masala and is completely free (meaning no syns) although as it was my treat day I did have a sneaky naan bread with it.

Little J started pre school nursery and he absolutely loves it. We are so proud of him because there has been no tears or tantrums, he can't wait to go in each morning. It's so hard not knowing what he is doing or who he is playing with so for me I have struggled a little as I am so used to being with him.

Big J was in need of new clothes so we went clothes shopping . . . eek. Now he's a teen some makes and brands are just not good enough. We went to JD Sports and his trainers were £125 thats before we even started to look at clothes. When did clothes and shoes get so expensive?

That's pretty much it for Our Family Fortnight.  What have you been upto?


  1. I laughed at your sneaky Naan bread!! I do that often, which rather adds to the calorie count!

  2. My grandsons hate there hair cutting but love football mind you I do love a curry


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