Monthly Review Round Up - October

In October we tried out lots of different products, here is our monthly review round up.

Heat Holders

We have always been a fan of Heat Holders and over the years we have worn Heat Holder socks, wrapped ourselves up in a Heat Holders blanket and even worn their thermal underwear. This month we were sent a selection of Heat Holders Licensed socks. You all know by now that I love Disney so I was thrilled when I received Minnie Mouse socks.  Daddy got Batman, Big J received Star Wars and little J received The Hulk. A perfect selection for our family.

The Ladies Minnie Mouse, Mens Batman and Kids Hulk socks have all the benefits of original Heat Holder socks however they do have added grips so perfect for around the home, offering a non slip tread.

The Minnie Mouse have Minnie heads under the sole, The Batman socks have the bat sign and The Hulk have Hulk hands under the sole.

The Mens Star Wars socks are slightly different they are dual layer socks and offer a tog rating of 2.6. They have a layer inside the sock which is brushed for warmth and comfort.

Heat Holders are perfect for this time of year or if you are like me who suffers from cold feet they are ideal all year round.

The new licensed range is appealing to both Adults and Kids offering a selection of Disney, Marvel and Minions. A perfect addition to the Heat Holders Range.



You may know by now that we are big fans of Degustabox. Having a surprise delivery every month is very exciting as you never know what you are going to get.

This month saw the return of some brands that have been featured before.

Smokey BBQ Coat 'n Cook

Fiery Sweet Chilli & Aromatic Spiced Curry Noodles

Snapea Rice Sticks


Kid's Dry Pasta Shapes

Kid's Pasta Sauce

Fruit Hearts

83% Less Sugar Milk Chocolate Spread

Pitch Choco Bar

Supergreens + Pulled Pork & Jalapeno

Cookies 'n' Creme

Even though we received products from brands we have had before they were new products for us to try. The Heinz kid's range was a huge hit with both boys and definitely something I would buy again. We buy Robinson's Squash'd already so it was nice to receive one this month. We have tried JimJams chocolate spread before and although we usually buy Nutella it has been nice to have a milk chocolate spread this month rather than a hazelnut tasting spread. 

If you would like to try Degustabox you can visit the website and use the code I3DXU to receive a Degustabox for just £5.99.



You may have seen our recent post featuring little J's new bath toy, Colours of the Sea Ariel. We had lots of bubbly fun playing with Ariel and using Infacare Night Time Bath. 

Little J has a bath every night and has been a big part of his bedtime routine since he was born. We have tried lots of different bubble bath products over the years, brands that have been recommended to us or products that have been on offer in store. 

The Infacare Night Time Bath is an ultra-mild Baby Bath clinically tested and Ph balanced, creating natural levels of Acidity and Alkalinity in skin and hair. Reassuringly it is designed to prevent irritation, helping with allergies in the process.

Recently launched, Night-time Baby Bath is now championed by mums across the country up to 70% hailing it ‘ideal’ for their bedtime procedure.

We only used a little drop and it created a full bubble bath so it will definitely be long lasting. 

Read more about Infacare Baby Bath and Night-time Baby Bath by visiting Infacare


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