Saturday Morning Visit To Mini Moose Land At Chill Factore

26 October 2016

Having two boys with a large age gap it can be difficult to plan days out that they both will enjoy. It has been a chore in the past as you want them to both have a great time but luckily for us we have one attraction close by that they both love. You may have seen my previous posts on Chill Factore and how much the boys enjoy visiting. The Chill Factore is an indoor ski and snowboarding centre and is home to the UK's longest indoor ski slope. They also have a fabulous Arctic Playground just for under 4's called Mini Moose Land which is perfect for little J. We were invited to pop along recently and have 1 hour of Mini Moose Land fun.

You may have seen our video from our last visit to Mini Moose Land, little J watches it all the time. He is always asking to go back so he was very happy when we arrived outside. He instantly knew this was the place with 'Snow' and was very excited.

We arrived earlier than our time slot but there is plenty to do and see before you head in. There is a Costa Coffee, Ice Cream Parlour, lots of shops, and a viewing balcony. We headed to Costa and then got in the queue for our tickets. Once you have your tickets you can head straight in to the changing area. Chill Factore had provided us with clothing so we headed to the clothing desk. We were given a warm jacket and trousers which we popped over our clothes. Boot hire is included in the entrance price however you can wear your own as long as they are clean and suitable for snowy conditions. You can also wear your own clothing but for a charge of £8 I would prefer to hire.

The changing room facilities are huge and there are lots of people coming and going, it is very busy. There are female and male group changing rooms and cubicles. Some people were just popping on their trousers and jackets by the lockers.

Once we were ready we popped all our clothes in our locker. There is a charge for a locker it's £1 but refundable.

There are lots of benches with signs for different activities, we headed to the Mini Moose Land bench. We were then told we could go and play.

When we stepped in to the snow it was so cold but little J was so excited. He ran straight in however he tripped at least 4 times before he even got in to the playground. I noticed how thick the snow was straight away. It was deeper than last time and as little J has never experienced real snow in his 3 years, he found it really hard to walk. I noticed there were a lot of mums and dads too who were struggling to walk in it. I really hoped at this point it wouldn't effect our visit.

Little J headed straight for the sledges and donuts. He loved this part of the playground. He chose a sledge and headed up to the top of the slope and then slid down. He repeated this about 20 times before we managed to get him to try out the maze. The maze has had a makeover since our last visit. Little J enjoyed trying to find his way in to the middle where there were lots of toys to play with including inflatable animals which looked fun. He also liked crawling through the tunnels. The snow was not as deep in the maze so he was more confident on his feet.

He did also spend time using the diggers to dig up snow but most of his visit was spent on the slope and the maze which is fine because he was having a great time.


What We Loved

Having an attraction that both boys can enjoy despite the age gap. Keep an eye out for our Snow Park Post coming soon.

Little J has never experienced real snow so it's nice for him to actually play in something that he has seen on TV so many times.

There were lots more toys to play with than last time.

The Sledges and Donuts slope has been improved and was larger which meant more children could enjoy it rather than queueing.

Prices starting at just £6 for 1 hour.

We love that this is area is just for under 4's.

What Could Improve

This sounds silly as it is a snow centre but the snow was really deep in Mini Moose Land this time. Little J doesn't know how to walk in thick snow and he did struggle a little and not just him there were adults (myself included) who found it hard walking around and trying to look after our little ones. I don't think there is a need for thick and deep snow in the part of the Chill Factore. Last time there were rubber mats scattered around too which helped little ones who were not as steady on their feet.

The lighting was very dark as you may see from the video. There was a blue light which flickered and it was quite annoying however little J didn't seem to mind.


Mini Moose Land is for under 4's only and an adult does need to be present at all times. All children must be walking however babes in arms can be carried in free of charge.

Jacket and Trousers are available to hire for a charge of £8 but you can wear your own.

Boot hire is included in the price however you can wear your own as long as they are clean and suitable for snowy conditions.

You need £1 per locker, this is refundable.

Allow plenty of time as getting changed can take some time especially when you have little ones.

Tiddly Ski's are available (we didn't know this until after our visit) - You have to request them at the boot hire desk.

You get 1 hour in Mini Moose Land and this was plenty of time.

It is very cold inside so make sure you have a hat and gloves on.

We have been several times and early mornings seem to be quiet.

Once you have finished there are plenty of facilities in Chill Factore to enjoy a drink or something to eat.

Please check the website for opening times before you visit as I know that it will be closing soon to prepare for Santa's visit.


You can find more information about Mini Moose Land by visiting Chill Factore online.


  1. Wow what a lot of fun!!!!

  2. Great review! It does look like a lot of fun!

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    Must visit some time soon

  4. It's amazing how they reproduce those Arctic conditions - all they need is some severe blizzards !

  5. interesting read looks amazing x

  6. Booked to go next week with my 3 nephews bshould be fun

  7. I didn't know this place existed, so glad to have found out about it for when my little granddaughter comes to visit over Christmas.

  8. wow that looks spectacular!!


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