Little J's Pre-School Days - September

3 October 2016

This month has been all about Little J starting pre school. He has been so excited about it and when the day finally arrived I have to admit that I did think there would be tears, but he was fine. He absolutely loves it and although it's actually called a Nursery he likes to call it big school.

As he has been such a good boy going to Pre School he has deserved a few treats. If you ask him what he would like the answer is always Hot Wheels. He is absolutely obsessed with cars at the moment especially Hot Wheels. He still loves his Disney Pixar cars but his obsession with Hot Wheels is crazy.

Nana and Grandad treated him to a Hot Wheels Zombie Attack play set and some Hot Wheels cars. As soon as we got home he took it all out the box, set it up then attached to his Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage.

More playing with Hot Wheels. This is his Ultimate Garage which he plays with every day. 

On a rare sunny Saturday morning we were out in the garden when we noticed the biggest spiders web I've ever seen. Little J sat on Daddy's shoulders to see the web. Unfortunately the camera wasn't able to pick it up as the sun was very strong behind it. 

We had to pop in to town after pre school one afternoon and as it was a nice day I treated little J to an ice cream. He really enjoyed it so didn't share it with me . . . haha.

A lunch treat. After his first day he was treated to Subway. It's his favourite eat out place.

I am so happy that I can now add tuna pasta to the list of foods little J will eat. Big J and I love tuna pasta and I've tried little J with it before both hot and cold and he didn't like it. I was having it for my lunch one day and he asked for a taste. He loved it so I made him some for his dinner. 

Little J and Nana made some delicious cookies this month however little J didn't want to put the edible Paw patrol toppers on. When i asked him why he replied 'We're not allowed to eat stickers'


My favourite little J sayings this month.

'When did you get here?' I jokingly replied 'Tomorrow' He thought for a while and said 'not tomorrow - tomorrow is tomorrow, yesterday is yesterday and today is today . . . hmmm you got here years ago' 

He's now moved on from loving us £100 he now loves us 'Thousands'

'I'm playing with my brother, mum' to which I replied 'I can play too' he then said 'no he's my brother you can make the dinner'

A random breakfast chat 'I've bought a horse'. Big J asked 'Where from?' Little J replied ' The Farm, but it's not here yet but it's getting here soon' 

Whenever he is talking about the past everything 'happened yesterday'


This month his favourite TV programmes are

Paw Patrol
Topsy and Tim
Blaze and The Monster Trucks
Watching videos on You Tube kids of people playing with Hot Wheels

His favourite songs are

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Let Me Love You - Justin Bieber
Cold Water - Justin Bieber
One For The Radio - McFly



  1. Sounds like a great month for him!

  2. Exciting month with lots of fun
    Thought it was only me who liked chatty chitty bang bang


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