Our Family Fortnight - 17/09/16

This fortnight we have had to snap back in to the school routine quite quickly. It's back to early morning starts, school runs and homework. Before the new school term begun we did have the chance to enjoy one last weekend of the holidays, it was a wet wet one but we made the most of it. You may have already read that we headed to Blackpool for the first ever Slime Fest in the UK.

Daddy, big J, Uncle P and Auntie L had a nice evening out to the cinema to see Suicide Squad. Daddy really enjoyed it, big J said it was okay but he did enjoy Nando's afterwards. I have still never been to Nando's. Am I the only person out there that is a Nando's virgin?

I'm not a huge fan of chicken unless it's in a Caesar Salad but Daddy and big J love it so I suppose Nando's is a perfect choice for them.

The 'must have' first day back at school photo. I saw lots of photos on social media of children by their front door. So many that there was a huge discussion on Facebook (how sad) anyway I decided against that and took a nice outside on a miserable morning shot. Doesn't he look happy to be going back - haha. Well done big J for surviving the first day back.

Poor little J is waiting at the doctors on this photo for his pre school booster needles. We didn't tell him what he was going for although we got frowned upon by the nurse for this. She would have preferred he knew but he was fine. He didn't cry he just snarled the nurse after the first needle as if to say 'Why have you just done that? It hurt'. Well done little J for being brave.

That night after his needles little J did not sleep well at all. In fact he was up at 3:30am which is so unlike him. We let him come in our bed and he just played around on his iPad. I felt really sorry for him he must have been in pain or felt under the weather - it soon passed.

This is my new 'lazing around the house' top. Netflix seems to be constantly on our TV at the moment but not for grown up programmes, oh no its Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig. 

When it comes to toys this last week its all about cars and duplo. Thats all he seems to want to play with constantly. We do try and distract him with other toys and he does enjoy playing with other things but it's straight back to cars and duplo when we've finished. 

Big J took part in his bronze expedition award for Duke of Edinburgh this fortnight. We are so proud of him. He had to walk 15 miles up mountains and through long grass and he did it. It was tough and wet but he said he's glad he's done it. Well done big J. 

Daddy and I took a trip this fortnight to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the Birmingham Hippodrome. I got the tickets as a present for my birthday and we loved it. The cast featured Lee Mead and my favourite you tuber Carrie Hope Fletcher. It was an amazing show and it was nice to travel to Birmingham as I have never been before. I will write more about the show on another post soon.

Another Mummy and Daddy night out was to see Mcfly. You may already know I absolutely love McFly and so glad they are back together again as a McFly rather than McBusted. The Anthology tour was 3 nights and 5 albums plus hits. It was on in Manchester and it was amazing. Loved every second.


  1. looks like you had a whole bundle of fun

  2. Slime Fest Mmmm............. don't know whether I'd like it, but I'm sure the rest of my family would have lots of fun.


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