Our Family Fortnight - 03/09/16

The last two weeks have been very busy. We have had a few events to go and they have all been so much fun. We love heading out on little adventures, seeing and trying new things. We do try and combine the events with other fun things too, so while we attended a Netflix event we also made the most of our time in London and headed to some of the major attractions.

You may have read about the Netflix event earlier this week and it was a really great morning, little J got to experience his first ever cinema type event and loved it. While we were in London we did enjoy seeing some of the sights.

In all the times we have been to London we haven't seen Buckingham Palace. We have drove past it once and had a quick glance but not actually stood outside and watched the guards so this was first on our list.

It was a really hot day when we got there and it was so busy but we managed to find a space just opposite the guard.

We were just in time to see him walking up and down and doing something with his gun. It was quite fascinating to watch. The palace itself is absolutely huge and we did see 'normal' people in the grounds. Maybe they open parts of it up to the public?

Next stop Harrods. Again never been in all the years we have visited. I knew they had a Disney Store inside so that was why I wanted to go. Big J had been told by his friend to visit the ice cream parlour as it is delicious. So we headed down Knightsbridge to Harrods. Have you been? Oh my goodness its huge. We were only supposed to be popping in and we were in there for hours. There is so much going on inside. Lots of toys, electronics, demonstrations, sweets, restaurants . . .  you name it they've got ( at a slightly inflated price).

After visiting lots of different departments we finally made it to the ice cream parlour. I have to admit it looked amazing but wow, it was expensive. £14.50 for an ice-cream sundae. Thinking about the 4 of us all having an ice cream meant almost £60. Who can afford that?

We did however stay as it was a special treat however Daddy and I opted for a smaller ice cream which helped with a smaller bill at the end. I must say it was delicious. Daddy and I had a Nutella ice cream, big J had a triple cookie milkshake and little J had a teddy surprise which was vanilla and a teddy wafer.

The Christmas Dept was open.

We did manage to find The Disney Store even though it took us hours. I was a little disappointed as I imagined it to have lots of limited edition dolls and things you can't normally buy but it didn't. It was just like a regular Disney Store.

After Harrods it was time for dinner then a trip on the London Eye. We have been on it many times but this was little J's first time. He loved it. He stood up the whole way round looking out the window pointing to buses, boats and taxis.

We saw The Shard in the distance which we visited a few months ago. After the London Eye we headed back to the hotel after a lovely day.


  1. some lovely photos looked like you all had a great time

  2. Lovely posts and photos! It's great when you get to tick a few things off your list of attractions, and exciting when you get to take someone somewhere for their first time.


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