14 May 2016

We are so blessed to have a really strong relationship with Big J and I really hope that continues as we tackle his teen years together. He is very open and honest and I know that he would come to me or Daddy if he ever had any problems or to ask a question. However we haven't actually sat down yet to have the puberty talk yet. It's not that we don't want to it's just something I didn't think about but now realise my baby is growing up.

Most adults have a memory of their own ‘talk’ with their parents. I think girls are usually told a little earlier than boys as we may have experienced the start of our periods. However a boy still needs the talk sooner rather than later as their body is changing too.

TV presenter Nadia Sawalha and her daughter Maddie have teamed up with Boots, to offer parents the tools and tips they need to have the all-important #TeenTalk.

From 11th May a free #TeenTalk guide will be available in Boots stores nationwide filled with useful information from Nadia Sawalha, her daughter Maddie and teen expert Sarah Newton, to help parents keep talking through puberty and beyond.

 The research reveals

1 in 5 parents are unsure about how to start the puberty conversation

 So much so that a quarter avoid the #TeenTalk completely

68% of parents find it difficult to approach puberty topics with their teen

Over half of parents wish they could speak to their teen more freely

 One third of teens don’t feel confident about having the Teen Talk

#TeenTalk ambassador and mum of two, Nadia Sawalha, explains
As a mum, I understand all too well the challenges of communicating with teens. They suddenly go from wanting to tell mum everything, to one word answers. You can’t solve things with a quick cuddle or a sweet treat. First shaves, first periods and new personal hygiene and skincare regimes are all unfamiliar experiences for teens and can be difficult topics for parents to approach. 

Campaign expert and teenologist Sarah Newton says
The ‘#teentalk’ can be awkward because parents and children probably haven’t had a conversation that’s this important yet and we put lots and lots of pressure on ourselves to get it right

The teen’s take on the talk - While parents may recognise the awkwardness of the talk

76% still want their teen to see them as the first port of call for help and advice.

It’s reassuring then that 49% of teens said they were happiest speaking to mum, proving that mum is the go-to person for #TeenTalk.

However, a digital and social media savvy 53% of teens are turning to other less awkward channels to find information.

With 6% of shy teenagers also said Text and Whatsapp makes it easier to talk through awkward topics.

Nadia explains
It’s difficult as we are the first generation of mums to be going through this conversation with a child so connected to social media. There’s no rule book to follow or mums and grandmothers to ask for advice. Just like our teens, we’re figuring it all out as we go. It’s another of those firsts

Maddie, 13, explains 
I know that talking to mum might not always seem like the easiest thing to do, especially about topics like puberty! Sometimes you don’t feel like talking and sometimes you have lots of questions but might feel a bit embarrassed.  But remember, they’ve been through it too and they know everything you’re experiencing is completely natural, so just keep talking

How to have the talk

Clearly, there is no right or wrong way to help prepare your child for puberty but 40% of parents believe that the best way to start the conversation is to have a one-on-one chat with their teen, and

Preparation is key

More than half of parents surveyed said having trusted information at hand would make the approach to #TeenTalk much easier.

The Teenage Brain

The guide gives parents the 101 on topics like the ‘teenage brain’ and teen behaviours filling them in on what they can expect as they approach ‘the chat’.

The guide includes helpful tips on grooming, personal care and body changes, backed up by Nadia and Maddie’s own experiences and aims to help get parents and teens talking. Boots are offering savings on trusted brands including Always, Tampax, Gillette, Venus and Boots  Tea Tree & Witch Hazel products.

For videos of Nadia and Maddie taking about how they approach #TeenTalk at home, more tips and advice from specialist youth expert, Sarah Newton and product information go to

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  1. Fantastic read , it's something I'm going through at the moment.

  2. An incredibly useful post on a very tricky subject. Thank you.

  3. Great advice
    I usually come straight out and ask the questions

  4. I was lucky that my two were open with me and came to me for help right up into their early adult years though I can't recall how I broached the teen talk - I think it just happened naturally.


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