Sneak Preview At Alton Towers Rollercoaster Restaurant

10 May 2016

On Saturday to celebrate our birthdays we went to Alton Towers. Whilst walking over to the new ride Galactica there was a buzz in the air around the new Rollercoaster Restaurant. There were a lot of people hanging around the entrance and because I am very nosey I headed over to take a peek.  I knew it wasn't opening till 13th May so I assumed it must have been a preview event.

The entrance was guarded by staff and it was clear this was an invite only, press/media day which unfortunately we hadn't been invited to but I did ask if I could take a look inside. The PR was happy for me to take a look

The restaurant is extremely impressive and I'm sure that it will appeal to many as it's such an exciting and new concept. It will be the first of its kind in the UK.

Rollercoaster Restaurant is set below a vast rollercoaster track where diners can watch as their order tackles two gravity defying loop-the-loops before dropping 8 metres down the tornado spiral to their table.
Each diner will enjoy a full 360˚ dining experience at one of the 13 tables and will get to select from the brand new menu of family favourites – including the Ultimate Twister Ice Cream Bowl.

I was lucky enough to ask the staff a few questions regarding the restaurant. Obviously as a Mummy I was keen to know whether it was suitable for families. The answer is yes but it may not be suitable to all budgets. 

During the day the restaurant they expect the focus to be on meals such as burgers with a cost similar to the Woodcutters Restaurant also on the park.  The burgers are usually priced around £12. However the Rollercoaster Restaurant in the evening the restaurant will be a little more up market offering lobster as well as other dishes.

Obviously I was unsure how evening reservations will work as the park usually closes around 5-6pm but there will be a walkway for hotel guests to enjoy the restaurant and also the public. 

Alton Towers is always keen to bring you 'firsts' and with the VR ride Galactica right next door the Rollercoaster Restaurant will be a huge hit with its guests. 


  1. oooo we were there Saturday too, now we know what the new path is for, thanks for your insight!! @msedollyp x

  2. Wow this sounds great my teen would love this xx


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