Introducing Your Child To New Hobbies

3 May 2016

It's quite obvious from my blog that we love spending time as a family, whether its days out or just watching a movie together. However as individuals we all have different interests and hobbies. Whenever we can we like to spend time enjoying our hobbies and also seeking out new ones. We do like to encourage the boys to try out new experiences as it can give them the confidence that they may need when they are older.

Chill Factore Skiing Taster Session

When big J was in primary school we allowed him to go on a skiing trip. I wasn't fond of the idea but all his friends were going and he didn't want to miss out. I'm not quite sure whether he actually wanted to go on the trip for the skiing or whether he wanted to go just to be with his friends. No matter which one it was he returned from that holiday with a new passion for skiing. He loved it and after seeing videos of him he was really good. He had found a new hobby and if you follow my blog you may have read that since then we have visited the Chill Factore many times and he has had some skiing lessons too to improve his performance

Snorkeling in The Sea

Both boys love the water and because they have had lots of time in our local swimming pools they enjoyed swimming in the sea last year in Cyprus. They were so confident especially big J who bought himself a snorkel and went out looking for fish and other creatures. Although I was very nervous I knew giving him the freedom to do it gave him that extra confidence while he was out there. He absolutely loved it.

Now big J has a love of skiing and being in the water we are always keen to seek out new experiences for him to try. These hobbies don't necessary have to cost much, they can be so simple but it's just about finding the right places to be able to afford them. If your child is interested in skiing check online for deals on skiing gear and for water sports you could check out Surfdome, for example. We are a big fan of Groupon  and we usually visit there before we book anything as you can always find great deals.

Presenting your child with a wide range of fun activities to try out and develop into lifelong hobbies is an important process that should start as early as four or five years old and continue throughout adolescence.

What hobbies do your children enjoy?



  1. I'm not really sure what hobbies my girls love doing. They may be a bit too young at the moment. My eldest does love her drawing and writing though.

  2. We're big fans of Groupon too, so great for unique experiences! I'm really keen for my daughter to pursue her hobbies.... she's only 2 but loves her athletics! x

  3. As a kid I loved playing pokemon on the nintendo, but getting outdoors was just my favourite. I wasn't into sports, but I had a great imagination and never found myself bored :) x

  4. My son is only young but we have just started tennis lessons for him. Yea already did football but he much prefers tennis - so nice to see him enthusiastic about something :)

  5. What fantastic hobbies to get into. I'm hoping that when Dexter is older he will love skiing as much as his Daddy and I do. We couldn't go this year because I'm expecting again but hopfully next year we'll go for a week to France. Thanks for sharing x

  6. We've been thinking a lot about this recently, Corben's into so many things but as he gets older i'd love for him and his dad to have a hobby to do together that can be their 'thing'. Skiing has never appealed to me but can see why boys would love it!

    Cydney x

  7. I have three children and it can be tricky at times finding things that they all enjoy, or the time to take them to different activities! My oldest is on the swim team, my younger son plays soccer and my youngest dances... That plus scouts for the boys, and swimming lessons for the younger two is about all we can fit into our week at the moment :)

  8. Think it's so important to encourage children to learn new things
    Helps develop their skills in social and practice

  9. I feel so guilty I've not done swimming classes with Wilf yet as I used to get so much out of them when I was a child. I'm determined to do them with him when life gets back to normal a bit more..whenever that is! x


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