Our Spring Bucket List

Although it may not seem like it with the awful weather, Spring is finally here. When Spring arrives we can enjoy the lighter evenings and some brighter weather. I do love the lighter evenings and its always nice to wake up with the sun is shining through. We have had a think and created our new Spring Bucket List. We managed to tick a few things off our New Year Bucket list and hopefully we will do the same for Spring.

1. Enjoy Half Term - I love being off with big J and little J and we usually get up to all sorts of fun so I'm looking forward to that.

2. Spring Clean - Not something I'm looking forward to but we definitely need to have a sort out. We are hoarders and keep all sorts of rubbish so I'm guessing there will be quite a few trips to the skip.

3. Celebrate Big J's birthday - He hasn't thought of any plans yet but he usually has some sort of get together / party with his friends and a trip to Alton Towers too.

4. Clean The Oven - Probably will come under Spring Cleaning but it needs to be done asap. Now it's on the list we can't forget.

5. Celebrate My Birthday - I'm still at an age were I like to celebrate my birthday rather than hiding under the duvet crying that I'm getting old. No plans yet but it won't be anything big just a nice family meal or day out.

6. Go to see Little Mix - Whoop Whoop. Can't wait.

7. Book a Summer Holiday - Not sure whether it will be in this country or abroad yet but we do need to get something booked. It's nice to have something to look forward to.

8. Buy some Summer Clothes - We all need new Summer clothes so it will be a shopping day for us all very soon.

9. Take a Weekend Break - I love exploring new places and we have failed with this so far this year.

10. Visit Geronimo Festival - Really looking forward to this.

11. Lose the Christmas Weight - Still need to shed some pounds.

12. Celebrate our Wedding Anniversary - 16 years together this year and 6 years married.


  1. Good luck with your list - looks a great one!

  2. Great making a list and ticking them all off happily

  3. Love your bucket list. Potty training my daughter is my number also.


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