New Year Bucket List Update

We have failed to complete all our New Year bucket list which is really disappointing. I have had a look back and all our goals were achievable so there isn't any excuses really. Heres hoping we manage to tick off a few more from our Spring Bucket list.

1. Potty Train Little J - I actually can't believe how easy this was. Little J has done so well and I am so proud of him. He had nappies on one day and the next he didn't. It really was so simple. The thing with little J is he just picks things up very quickly and once we had the potty chat he was good to go. I honestly thought this would take months and thought I would be doing weekly updates on our progress but I just did one post on how the potty training had started and finished. He has had a few accidents but that's it. Next up will be keeping him dry through the night but I am going to wait until he is a little older. I have posted some tips if you are thinking of potty training your little one.

2. Date Night  - Daddy and I have had some lovely 'date days/nights' this month. We have been the theatre twice to see The Rocky Horror Show and Impossible. Both were completely different but equally as good. We have been for a few meals together and the cinema too. Really pleased and hopefully making time for each other will continue throughout the yea

6. Lose The Christmas Weight - I honestly haven't made an effort with this so although I have lost a little weight I really do need to put in the work so this will be on our Spring Bucket list too.

7. Build a Snowman - We didn't get to make a snowman but snow did fall one morning a few weeks ago and it was very exciting. 

11. Celebrate Little J's Birthday - Although we didn't get to do this on his actual birthday as he had chicken pox we did get to spoil him and give his lots of presents when he was feeling better.

12. Think Of Fundraising Ideas - You may have read that Daddy is fundraising by doing a bike ride the distance between London and Paris. You can read about it here.

So out of a possible 12 we only managed half. We will try to do better next time.


  1. We haven't really had enough snow for a snowman.

  2. the bucket list is such a brill idea think I should do something like that maybe it would get some oomph back nice to see yours is nearly all done


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