Kiddyum Frozen Ready Meals

16 April 2016

Little J has recently been trying out Kiddyum ready meals. Now if you are a parent you may, like me think ready meals are not for kids. They are usually processed foods crammed full of salt and sugars to make them taste good. However after reading up on Kiddyums I was please to learn that they contain all natural ingredients, no added sugar and low salt.

Kiddyum Frozen Ready Meals

The Kiddyum meals are designed with kids in mind so the meals are suitable for ages 1-4 years. As little J is 3 with a big appetite I wasn't sure how well he would like these. We have tried similar meals in the past and I have always added to them to make them a slighter bigger portion.

We popped along to our local Sainsbury's, which is the only retailer at the moment to stock Kiddyum ready meals. I would recommend checking out the Where To Buy section on the website as a few of our Sainsbury's don't stock them yet.

Kiddyum Frozen Ready Meals
Cottage Pie

We found found different meals to choose from. Cottage Pie, Chicken Curry and Rice, Fish and Veg Pie and Macaroni Bolognese. There is a fifth meal Cheesy Peasy Pasta but it must be very popular as it was out of stock.

Kiddyum Frozen Ready Meals

That week little J tried the Cottage Pie first, followed by the Chicken Curry and Rice, Fish and Veg Pie and the Macaroni Bolognese.

Kiddyum Frozen Ready Meals
Macaroni Bolognese - wasn't a favourite of Little J's

Cooking the meals is easy as its a ready meal you just pop them in the microwave and minutes later they are ready to eat. Obviously as the meals are designed from 1 year I did add more vegetables to the meals to fulfil little J's appetite. They were actually big meals especially the Cottage Pie and the Chicken Curry and Rice. Both were little J's favourites. He did also enjoy the fish pie too but unfortunately he didn't like the Macaroni Bolognese. There was more sauce in this meal so I'm not sure whether it put him off a little as it didn't look very appetising.


What We Loved 

Natural ingredients, frozen so all flavours locked in.
No added sugar and low salt.
Five kid friendly meals to choose from.
Convenient when you don't have the time to start a meal from scratch.
Little J absolutely loved the cottage pie and chicken curry and rice. Its nice to add some new foods to his menu.
Priced at just £1.90 is really great value.

What Could Improve

The appearance of the Macaroni Bolognese. Maybe make it less saucy and more chunky.
Only available in certain Sainsbury's is a little annoying as it's not a shop we tend to visit so we've had to make a special trip.


Overall the meals were enjoyable and we have since bought the Cottage Pie and Chicken Curry and Rice again. I am so pleased that out of the four meals we brought home he liked three. Little ones can be so fussy so being able to add some more variety to his mealtimes has made me so happy. We will also try the Cheesy Peasy Pasta soon too so keep a look out on social media for updates.

Kiddyum Frozen Ready Meals are available from Sainsbury's both instore and online. Priced at £1.90 each and a choice of five meals to choose from.

Has your little one tried Kiddyum?

*we received a voucher which allowed us to purchase the Kiddyum Meals for the purpose of this review -all thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own*


  1. These sound fantastic for little one's...
    Very handy to have in if you are in a rush one evening and want a good meal for your child x

  2. I have always thought that ready meals are not for kids, but these look great and would be very handy to have in the freezer!

  3. Ohh these look fab, I think my son would really enjoy them!

  4. not seen these before, will look out for them


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