Celebrating Little J's 3rd Birthday

14 April 2016

If you follow me on social media you will already know that Little J's birthday didn't go exactly as planned as a few days before he got Chicken Pox. It's just typical isn't it especially when you have lots of fun and exciting things planned and he had waited so long for his birthday. As you can imagine he wasn't feeling great and probably celebrating was the last thing on his mind, but we did try to make his birthday and the days after as special as we could.

On his actual birthday we didn't actually tell him it was his birthday. It may sound silly but he was just so unwell he wouldn't have enjoyed it at all so we celebrated Easter instead (another day he had waited for). We made a fuss of him and gave him lots of attention and the Easter Bunny had been and delivered lots of yummy chocolate.

He also got a special present off Mummy and Daddy and some new cars off his big brother.

We did a special Easter / Birthday tea party. We had some gorgeous Gruffalo Party items from House of Party and we had planned to have a party at Nursery for all the children and little J but that didn't happen so we did it at home instead. In fact we had enough plates, cups, napkins to have several parties with family and friends over the course of the week.

Once little J was feeling slightly better we decided it was time for him to celebrate his much anticipated birthday. He woke on the Wednesday morning and we sang Happy Birthday. He was so excited, still feeling a little unwell and itchy but that didn't stop him from getting very excited. Especially when he peered through the bannister to see the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage in the middle of the room. He has watched a little boy on You Tube play with this garage for months and after a lot of thought we decided to get it for him. It is only available in America and isn't cheap but I'm hoping he gets lots of playtime out of it. When he saw it his exact words were 'Oh My God'

It was hard to get him to open anything else as he just wanted to play with the garage, kids eh. Usually its the boxes so we did something right.

He played with the Ultimate Garage all day and has done ever since actually. He absolutely loves it.

Then it was time to celebrate with family and friends. We had a few little tea parties that weekend and he was made to feel special. In fact this birthday has probably been his best so far as we have celebrated it about 5 times.

He got so many new toys including Hot Wheels cars, Disney Pixar Cars, Toot Toot Play Sets, Twirlywoo goodies, Thomas & Friends toys everything except the kitchen sink I think, oh no wait he got that too.

Happy Birthday Little J - We hope you enjoyed all your presents xx


  1. Aww! Bless him! It's awful being poorly but being poorly on your birthday is just the worst! It sounds like he had a great time. That garage is awesome x

  2. Oh, what a lucky little boy! Happy Birthday!


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