A Twirlywoos and Bing Day

15 April 2016

Little J has become quite obsessed with cars and his garage that he received for his birthday. He wants to play with it all the time and even though I love watching him play with the garage, he so many other toys that I know he would enjoy too. So we had a garage free day and enjoyed playing with two of his favourite characters, Twirlywoos and Bing

He loves jigsaws and this Twirlywoos jigsaw is his favourite. He loves it. After he received it he did it three times in a row.

His attention span while doing it is brilliant considering his age. The jigsaw is aimed at 2+ and the pieces are nice and big and perfect for little hands to grab on.

He loves it when he completes the puzzle. You can see the sense of achievement on his face.

Next up we played with the Twirlywoos Big Red Boat which he received as a present for his birthday. The big red boat has Great Big Hoo and Peekaboo and has lots of sounds, working fruit tea machine and also the Quacky Birds. Its lots of fun although I think we will have to buy him the other characters so they can join in the fun too.

Because he loves his Twirlywoo puzzle so much we bought him the Bing version too. It's exactly the same age 2+, 16 pieces so colourful and has 8 characters on it.

When it comes to chilling he does like to reach for the iPad but I did put some books out for him and we had lots of stories to choose from. The Bing and Twirlywoos hard back books are really lovely and feature an episode from the programme. Bing get's his blankie wet just before bedtime and in the Twirywoos book Chickedy and Chick are playing Hide and Seek.

The little library books are lovely too and many pictures so little J likes to look at these himself and make up his own stories.

Do you have a little Twirlywoos or Bing Fan?

*we received the twirlywoos books and jigsaw. However we did buy all the bing items and the twirlywoos boat. All thoughts, opinions and photographs above are our own*


  1. My son doesn't watch Cbeebies as much as he used to now that he has started school. However when the Twirywoos are on he is glued to the screen and giggling.

  2. Margaret Clarkson
    Lovely article. Sometimes they just need some gentle encouragement to try something different!

  3. I love the Twirlywoos they are so cute!


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