Official Gruffalo Teacher's Resource Pack

The Gruffalo is a story I was familiar with but hadn't actually read it through until last year when Little J got it as a gift. It has since become a favourite of Little J's and we read it most nights. He knows all the words and will often recite it even during the day. I am so gutted that we missed the Gruffalo trail in our local forest as I know he would have loved it. Some of the children I work with went on the Gruffalo trail and they loved it. To tie in with the trail there is a free downloadable Gruffalo's teachers pack available which I have recently been checking out.

Designed for early years and key stage 1 the Gruffalo Teacher's Pack is a free learning resource, which contains curriculum-linked activities based on the popular Gruffalo story, to teach learners about forests and how they are looked after for the benefits of people and wildlife. All the activities have been designed to be used outdoors, in your local woods, park or school grounds.

The pack which contains an introduction and 3 programmes is filled with activities that I would personally use at home with Little J as well as the kids I work with.

Gruffalo Teacher's Pack - Introduction
This section will enable learners to get to know the Gruffalo story, the characters and the forest environment.

Gruffalos Teacher's Pack - Programme 1

Programme 1 – Explore and discover the forest

EYFS – Understanding the world; Mathematics;
Geography KS1 – geographical vocabulary; geographical skills; place knowledge

Gruffalo Teacher's Pack - Programme 2

Programme 2 – Design, make and evaluate

EYFS – Physical development; Expressive arts & design
 Design & technology KS1 – design, make, build, evaluate

Gruffalo Teacher's Pack - programme 3

Programme 3 – All about animals

EYFS – Understanding the world; Communication and language
Science Year 1 – animals, humans, senses

Climbing Hills 

The introduction is more aimed at little J's age group and basically involves reading the story and talking afterwards about the story, the setting and the animals. Little J really enjoyed this and I was really happy at how much he knew and understood. He knew all the animals and although he is only 2 he knew that the animals can be found in the woods. Little J loves going for walks so we often go exploring through the woods with his big brother.

Nothing better than walking through the muddy grass

I read through the rest of pack and have picked out bits and pieces that I will use both at home and work. Each programme gives you the aim, how it links to the EYFS and Key Stage 1 and also teacher instructions. There are printable's which you can use to help create the activities, they are fun but also educational. I am a believer that children learn through play. If they are having fun they will enjoy it more and want to continue. No-one likes to be bored.


What We Loved

The fact that the learning is linked to the Gruffalo makes this pack extra special. Most children know of Julia Donaldson and her books.

Encouraging children to learn about 'outdoors' - Some children don't get to explore forests or woods.

Fun activities

What Could Improve

Nothing. The pack is free, downloadable and filled with fun filled learning. What more could you ask for.


To read more and download your free Gruffalo Teaching Pack you can head to the Forestry Commission.

Have you been on the Gruffalo Trail?


  1. The pack looks so useful to help aid children's learning. We love the gruffalo.

  2. This sounds great! I love the Gruffalo story and it's so popular with kids too. I love that it encourages you to get out and about - and provides some guidance for activities. Some people are so talented at thinking up fun activities off the cuff, but I'm not one of them! x

  3. oh this sounds like a great resource and I know my kids would love it

  4. We love our local Gruffalo trail and this makes it more accessible to make your own one

  5. This is a great idea. I'm not familiar with the Gruffalo although I have heard of it of course, but I think anything that encourages kids to explore and learn about nature is brilliant. And the fact that it's free makes it accessible to everyone.

  6. This looks like such a great resource. I think it's so important to encourage your children to learn as early as possible and this pack is just perfect for that. Kat x

  7. My daughter loves The Gruffalo. We are thinking to do the trial soon. This pack looks like a great resource for kids and of course a super fan adventure!! I'm sure my girls will love this!! :-) x

  8. wow gruffalo tht brings back memories, going to read to our little one wen she arrives

  9. Wow this is great and free too
    The Gruffallo is one of my nephews favourites and this is great to build upon hos knowledge and learn more

  10. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Great, as we do like to read with the children, as well as explore the outdoors safely.

    Rachel Craig


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