Chill Factore Skiing Taster Session Review

A few weeks ago we were invited to Chill Factore to enjoy a skiing session. As much as I would love to give it a try I am far to scared so for now I would prefer to stay in Mini Moose land with little J. Big J and Daddy jumped at the chance and from what I heard they had a really great time. 

Big J and I have been to the Chill Factore before and we have tried both the fun Snow Park and Snowboarding - and really enjoyed the day.

Today it was time to try skiing. Big J has been skiing before on a school trip, but I had never tried it . We went for an initial taster session, which was 50 minutes long.  Doesn't sound a long time but the whole experience took closer to an hour and a half in total.

If you haven't been to Chill Factore before, the place is really amazing. It's an entire centre complete with full and trainer slope, Snow Park and Mini Moose Land. There's also some stores including clothing, ice cream, Costa and even a travel agents specialising in ski holidays if the moment takes you.

The changing area is big and you actually get measured and weighed (scary!) for your skis to make sure you get the right size. The staff are all really helpful and will even help you put your boots on if needs be. There are plenty of lockers for your clothes, and lots of changing rooms.

You then go to the activity waiting area where there will be a big sign for your activity,  and the instructor will come and get you take you to the slope. 

Big J was quick to point out that he would be the group expert and showed everyone how he puts his ski's on. The instructor was also on hand to help out. 

The session itself was really fun. We learned how to walk up the hill on ski's, how to ski down a small hill on one foot and on both feet, how to jump with both ski's in the air at once and how to slow down properly without knocking other people over. 

In a short space of time we learned a lot.

Big J and I really enjoyed the taster session and the instructor had explained to the group that if you wanted to continue learning then discounts would be available if a booking was made after the session.  We decided to book a full day ski session, so that we can progress, and whilst it's not the cheapest day out you could have, I am definitely looking forward to it and already know we will learn so much on the day. 

After the experience big J enjoyed a nice ice cream and bought his brother some sweets as he wasn't able to go.  

All in all this was a very good experience at Chill Factore.  We both had a great time and allowed us to spend some time together doing something we both enjoy. 


What We Loved

The taster session was really fun and like I said above we did really learn a lot in those 50 minutes. 

I loved watching big J on the slope as he went skiing with the school so I had no idea how good he was. 

The chance to get more lessons after the initial taster. Really looking forward to our full day.

What Could Improve

Price - It can get costly but as mentioned there are ways to get discounts and it is always worth checking for promotional offers.


The taster sessions are £30 per adult and £25 per junior (under 16 years old). There are so many more fun activities to do so if skiing isn't your thing but you fancy a day in the snow check out Chill Factore Website for more information

*we received a free taster session for the purpose of this post - thoughts, opinions and photos are our own*


  1. Sounds like fun if a bit pricey but probably well worth it! I've never been skiing, not sure I'd have the courage tbh :)

  2. This sounds like a great day out and much better than a dry ski slope. My hubby and boys would love to have a go at this.

  3. It's been a lot of years since I last went skiing (it starts with a 2 and there are 2 digits), so I think I'd be a bit nervous too, but I think an indoor slope might be the place to go to get my confidence back.

  4. This looks great. I love the idea of Moose Land! I've never tried skiing but really should go to the Snowdome near us soon.

  5. Sounds like you all had a fun time skiing.My son keeps asking if he can go snowboarding but our nearest venue is so far away

  6. I'd love to have a go at this, may have to see if there is one close to us. Looks fab

  7. Now it does sound like a lot of fun though it is a bit pricey x

  8. oh wow my 12 year old son would love to do this hes into any kind of sport wish it were closer to us

  9. we went to a snow centre in hemel hempstead and loved it.Wish we had something like this near us.

  10. I've had one taster session elsewhere before and really enjoyed it. Shame it is quite far away!

  11. I've often thought of going here for fun with my 3 nephews but as you pointed out it is rather expensive so I'm giving it a miss

  12. Wow! This looks exciting and lots of fun!

  13. Keep lookin at chill factor
    I think you may have convinced me to give it a go


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