Bubbles World Of Play Review

We have been to New Brighton many times over the years and taken notice of the gradual improvement of the area from its run down seaside town times. One building we had noticed was ‘Bubbles’ and not giving it a second thought decided it was a good place to put a swimming pool. I was surprised when we received an invite to go to Bubbles and find we had been invited to an indoor play area rather than a pool. And what a play area it is. The biggest I have been to with either big or little J at any time in the past. 

When you first go in, there is a welcome desk where you book in and pay. The staff are clear on the the rules of who can and can’t go where. Now this is a very good and safe idea, however this was disappointing for big J as he wasn't allowed on. He usually helps little J in some of the other play areas we go to, especially with some of the climbs. It was made clear to us that this wasn’t on option at Bubbles. I did feel quite bad for him as I had dragged him out of bed bright and early on a Sunday morning but I suppose rules are rules. Parents and Adults are allowed on the structure but not 13 year olds. 

Plenty of tables 

There is a large open area at the front of the building with lots of tables and chairs, a coffee shop, food order area, and some games that the children can use. Behind this area you can see a small part of what bubbles has to offer. 

This is the under 3's area.

This is just the first level, honestly I don’t actually know how many levels there are, as there are so many routes through the area, but it’s safe to say that it takes a while to get to the top and then a few seconds to get back down if you use the big slide. 

Under 5's Play Area

TV Screen has four different camera feeds from inside the play area

On the ground level, there are two separate areas. One for babies and one for small toddlers. Little J tried both out to see what he thought.  The baby section (under 3's) is great for the little ones, and they are happy to let mum and dad go in too. The junior section (under 5's) looked really good. Little J enjoyed it in there as there are a number of activities involving climbing, rolling and sliding that he really liked. 

His favourite though was undoubtedly the main frame area.  There are a few different entrances that we found, and you are straight in to a maze of choices on which way to go.  Within the main frame there are a number of activity areas for children of all ages to do. There are flag challenges, race areas, a maze, a thunder storm area, aztec area and lots more.  


Little J had a favourite area where there are guns around the outside of a square area , all air powered, used to fire soft foam balls at targets, or other children if you so wish. Little J loved hitting the targets as they light up and make noises to congratulate you on hitting the target. 



Where shall I go next . . . ?

Next was on to the big slide. This is really high and has different slides, made up of road, rail track and others. My tip for you is to ride the rail track if you like to go fast. Little J loved the slide and went on it about 5 times!

After a good time playing it was time for some lunch and a drink. You order your food and then it is brought to you table, of which there are many, in a reasonably short time. We opted for sandwiches for little J, panini for big J and Mummy and a decent sized pizza for Daddy.  We all enjoyed it very much and it was a good way to end the visit. 


What We Loved

Three play areas to choose from depending on age.

Within the main area there were lots of different activities to choose from.

Huge slide

Plenty of seating area for parents

Food was reasonably priced and delicious

What Could Improve

Like I said in the review this was the first play area we have visited that didn't allow big J on to help his brother. Adults only.


All in all Bubbles was great for little J. Not so good for big J, but for the little ones a brilliant play area. We will be returning very soon.

For more information include admission prices and opening times you can visit the Bubbles website.

*We were invited to Bubbles World of Play for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own*


  1. This looks like a fab soft play place. Blake has only been to soft play once am hoping to take him again soon.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful place for families

  3. Aaah my littles would LOVE this place!!! Love it or hate it, soft play is THE most exciting place you can be when you're an under 5!! This one looks fab — although they should really have let his big brother come in and help him — that's a really odd rule! xx

  4. Bubbles looks like a really good place for kids to have fun. Big J must have been really disappionted. I had a similiar experience where my my oldest was not allowed to go into the play area just becuse she was above a certain height. Rules - some of them can be really annonying.

  5. Aww this looks like a great place for the little ones :) Mine are all grown up now but would have loved this..

  6. What dis we do before soft play was invented?! The children love going and I love them having fun and exercising at the same time.

  7. This looks so much fun, my kids just love soft play :)

  8. We live on the Wirral and have been here a few times, gets so busy in school ho!idays though xx

  9. This looks a great place to take the kids!

  10. wow what an adventurous place, thanks for the great review.

  11. My kids used to love soft play area, great to see your little one having fun.

  12. Gosh, this is really impressive! I wouldn't have expected there to be so much to do (plus the food looks great; always a good thing!).

  13. I live a long way away but this sounds like great fun


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