Paradise Island Adventure Golf

Paradise Island Adventure Golf offers the choice of 2 courses each with 18 holes. No previous golf experience needed as Paradise Island Adventure Golf is suitable for all the family. 

boy playing Mini golf

What To Expect At Paradise Island Adventure Golf, Coliseum Leisure Park, Cheshire. CH65 9HD

Paradise Island Adventure Golf is located at the Coliseum Leisure Park, just minutes from Cheshire Oaks Shopping Outlet. 

When you arrive you will be given a golf club and you can then choose a coloured golf ball. 

The courses are located upstairs and there is a lift for those who need it. 

Once upstairs you can then choose your course. We chose the course which looked the quietest as we were not allocated one. 

The courses seemed to be very close together however I think we chose the Coral Cove course which took us on a journey through a shipwreck, a diver and sea creatures.

The Lazy Lagoon course takes you on a journey through a spice market filled with lots of treasures and trinkets and you will finish on a desert beach surrounded by a lazy lagoon. 

boy looking at an tiger

Both courses are decorated perfectly for their theme and both lead to the 19th hole. Everyone gets the chance to try out the 19th hole which if you complete gives you a free pass to return again in the future. 

Adult £8.50 
Child £6.50 (aged 5-16)
Under 5's £4.00
Family £26.00

Booking online offers you the choice of tee off time every ten minutes from opening - 1 hour before closing. You can book 2 courses to receive a discount on the second course.

Opening Times
Mon - Thurs - 12pm - 9pm
Fri - 12pm - 10pm
Sat - 10am - 10pm
Sun - 10am - 9pm

There is free parking and the location is ideal for a day out as you have Cheshire Oaks retail close by as well as a cinema an a wide choice of restaurants. 

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  1. Oh i love this!! You have just inspired me that it would be a nice thing to do in this weather!!! x

  2. what a great place, We never go up north but I am thinking of organising a trip that way and will bear this in mind.

  3. I am hopeless at mini golf but I wish I could be good at it because it looks so much fun to play. Just not when I am trying to play lol!

  4. As hopeless as I am at all forms of golf, this looks like a lot of fun x

  5. This looks like great fun! I think my little's would love this. I'd be hopeless at it but the kids would enjoy it, hehe. It's a shame about the room with the four holes, hopefully they'll improve that! I am glad you all had a lovely time though, it does look fun :) xx

  6. I am so bad at mini golf but I love playing it whenever I can.I think my nephew would love this.

  7. It looks like great fun, I love the idea of indoor crazy golf :) #triedtested

  8. ooh this looks fun. I took my daughter to a mini golf a few years ago and it was in the dark. We had to wear funny glasses and the scenery was fantastic. It looks very similar to the one we went to so i'm sure it was fantastic for you. Angela

  9. This looks really interesting - we visit the Trafford Centre at least twice a year and I have wondered what the golf was like - I have never been to Cheshire Oaks though. Kaz x

  10. This looks great, we tried mini golf for the first time at Bluestones in the Autumn but there was no Shark!! I see what you mean about the little room pretty uninspiring! Will have to see if there is anything similar close to us. Thanks for the idea x

  11. We never even knew this existed! Love adventure golf and its close by xx

  12. This looks like a great activity


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