Our 2016 Project 366 - Days 10 - 16

This week has been our first week back to normality after Christmas. Full week in work, school and nursery and we are all so tired. But having said that its been a good week. Here is our week in photos for Project 366 Days 10-16

10/366 - Today Daddy and I went for something to eat at Allerton Hall. You may have read in my bucket list that we are hoping to have more 'date days/nights' and this was our first of the year. We have decided to do alphabet dating which I will talk about in another post. We had a lovely afternoon even though I was still suffering from a sore throat.

11/366 - This was actually took yesterday while they were out with there Grandma and Grandad but I hd to include it. It's such a lovely photo.

12/366 - This was the moment that I spilt a full cup of tea over little J's dinner, the cooker and the floor. I wanted to cry as I had to start all over again.

13/366 - A special delivery arrived at my work today. These flowers are so pretty and were sent by Daddy. Such a nice surprise.

14/366 - This really upset me hearing the news that Alan Rickman had died. I love him as Professor Snape and I had always hoped that JK Rowling would go back and tell us the story in detail of when Snape, James, Lily, Lupin and Sirius where in School. I would have loved to see that on the big screen. Also love him in Love Actually too, so sad.

15/366 - Little J was so excited this morning when he saw the ground. He thought it was snow although unfortunately it was just hail. Still he thought it was snow and was very happy.

16/366 - I am so excited about trying this out. We all love Disney so cannot wait.

Thats our week in photos



  1. Lovely photos!
    Oh no, what a nightmare with the cup of tea!
    Gorgeous flowers...They are so pretty!
    It was such sad news about Alan Rickman....I now hope they never do go back and show us a prequel to Harry Potter. It would be wrong to have any other actor play Snape...

  2. Love the idea of making date days/evenings, does you good to be childfree for a few hours.
    Aaahhhh bless at wanting snow and getting hail.
    OOpps at the spilt tea.

  3. What a nightmare about dinner, done that myself in the past so you have my sympathy. David Bowie and Alan Rickman in one week - just rubbish start to the year. The Alphabet Date night/day sounds like a good idea - hope you stick with it #366

  4. Love how 'snow' gets everyone excited - I would love some of the white stuff here! Alan Rickman's death was so sad - I want to watch Truly Madly Deeply again now.

  5. I cried when I heard about Alan Rickman, I was a huge fan. So sad! 😢
    Those flowered are lovely and I'm intrigued by Alphabet dating... #project365

  6. What gorgeous flowers and what a lovely surprise at work. Alphabet dating sounds like fun. Spilling a full cup of tea over dinner is definitely not though - I would have wanted to cry too! Hope you have fun trying out Disney Life.

  7. Intrigued to find out more about alphabet dating! I always seem to be spilling cups of tea too, I agree very sad news about Alan Rickman. All seven of our children adore DisneyLife, hope yours do too.


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