Malama Beach Holiday Village, Cyprus

21 September 2015

Last September I won an all expenses trip to a commonwealth country by texting a special code that I found on a bottle of Rubicon. I do love my competitions and this has probably been my best win ever. The decision on where to go was a hard one. The budget was just under £5,000 and of course we would have been happy to pay more if needed as Daddy and I fancied Barbados. After weeks of thinking and checking out our options, In the end we decided to try Cyprus as we thought it would be more family friendly. 

Last month we finally took our trip and I am so pleased we chose a two week stay at The Malama Beach Holiday Village, Cyprus. The resort is absolutely amazing and I am so glad we found this hidden gem amongst the more popular choices in Cyprus.

I honestly don't know where to start so I suppose it's best to start at the beginning. We have never been to Cyprus before and I personally wasn't looking forward to a five hour flight with Jake. Trying to keep a toddler entertained on a plane is a nightmare. I don't know why I worried as he was an angel. He slept for a hour, played on his iPad for a hour watching Peppa Pig and music videos then he spent the rest of the time just playing in his seat with his two special teddies. I was very bored and couldn't wait to get off the plane. It was a 2:35pm flight which was delayed for a hour with us sat on the plane and we didn't land till 9:30pm local time. It was dark when we arrived so we couldn't see much on the journey to the resort. 

When we arrived at the resort it was so quiet. I had read that the reception was set back away from the amenities. We were escorted to our room on a golf buggy and was given a cold plate of food and a bottle of water. 

When we entered the room it was like a hotel. Daddy and I had a huge bedroom with so much wardrobe space I have ever seen on a holiday like this. The kitchen / dining area was very spacious. We were given a one bedroom apartment which wasn't great really. We did try and upgrade to a two bedroom but they were fully booked the boys had sofa beds but due to the main door having no child locks we decided little J couldn't really sleep in the living area so we asked for a cot. It wasn't ideal but it came within 5 minutes of the phone call and it was quite big so wasn't a problem. He slept soundly in it every night. 

When we woke the next morning I was eager to check out the view because everywhere was dark when we arrived. I opened our front door and I was absolutely stunned by the view it was beautiful. Our room over looked the pools, the bar area and then the sea. Stunning.

The pool area is made up of three pools. A baby pool which is very shallow and has a lovely waterfall feature in the middle, then two larger pools. There is a large pool up a few steps and a large pool area just alongside the baby pool. Having the three pools was ideal as they were never crowded and perfect if you wanted to play with the ball or on an inflatable. The lifeguard is situated by the very shallow baby pool and he is the only lifeguard on duty. He cannot see the other two pools at all which seemed strange.

There are lots of sun loungers around the pool area and we never had to worry about getting some for the day. Daddy would go down when he woke and put out some towels on three or four of them. It was usually between 8am-9am. This is quite late as places we have been before people were reserving them as early as 6am or even the night before. On on fourth or fifth day we did get a note through our door saying reserving loungers is forbidden and towels or personal belongings would be removed if this happens. Everyone continued to reserve them, so we did too. Nothing happened to them but we did make sure we were on them just after breakfast. Once we had our sun cream on we would head to the pool. It opens every day at 9:30 and closes at 6:30pm. We usually got there about 10:30am and would head straight in for a nice swim and a play. 

Although Jake loved the baby pool he would want to go in the big pool too. We would play a game with a little water ball by throwing it up in the air and letting it splash in the water. He loved it and when it splashed in the water he would shout 'booosh' 

We were all inclusive on this holiday and I would recommend it as there is very little choice of restaurants and bars outside the hotel. The all inclusive option is available for breakfast which is served till 10am, Lunch which is 12:30-3:30pm and dinner which is 6:30-9:30pm. Soft drinks, local beers and spirits, cocktails, non-alcoholic cocktails and ice cream are available from the pool bar throughout the day and evening. At 4pm-6pm you can also enjoy coffee and cake and in the evenings popcorn is served just before mini disco. 

We ate in the restaurant most mornings. There was cooked items such as sausages, eggs, beans, bacon, potatoes and mushrooms. There was plenty of cereal, toast, croissants and fruit. There was also a cold meats and salad bar. There was a chef everyday cooking up special treats such as waffles, pancakes and doughnuts. 

John and Jake would usually have egg and beans and a round of toast and Daddy and I would choose croissants or the special treats from the chef. They would only serve fresh apple or orange juice during breakfast time so we would usually go to the shop next door and buy Jake a bottle of water. 

We found lunch time was often nicer than dinner time but due to the heat we didn't always feel like eating at lunchtime. Jake would start asking for a cheese sandwich around 12:30pm so we would head to the restaurant and get him two slices of bread and butter. There was no cheese available at lunch but he enjoyed it anyway. There was hot meals available during lunchtime and a selection of kids choices, mainly chips and chicken nuggets. The chef would be available most days cooking up delicious dishes such as stir fry, pasta, soup. Everything always looked so yummy and he was so friendly and obviously loved his job. 

Dinner time was a strange one because I often found myself putting a mixture of items on my plate that I wouldn't usually at home. The choice of an evening wasn't good for us, mainly because the nights were themed. Grill night, seafood night, Cyprian night, Greek night etc. We did always find something to eat but again the kids choice was usually chips and chicken nuggets or fish dippers. Towards the end of the first week I started to feel quite ill when it came to meal times. This is not unusual for me as I do get fed up eating when it's so hot. Plus since I had my gallbladder removed I have to be careful what I eat. Everything was cooked in olive oil which isn't great for me. Even though I was only eating the equivalent of one main meal a day the thought of eating in the the same restaurant night after night made me feel quite sick. 

On Daddy's birthday we walked to a local bakery to buy him a birthday cake. It's only a 10 minute walk away and it was huge. One half was a bakery and the other had hot food to eat in or take away. There was a choice of pizzas, salads and other items. It would be great for those who just fancied a snack. We also visited Tony's Cyprus Tavern on Daddy's birthday. It was seafood night in the restaurant so we skipped that and had steak, chips and beans instead. John had a pizza and Jake had a mini burger. It was delicious. It cost €65 euro for the four of us and that included two soft drinks each for John and I, two pints of beer for Daddy and a juice for Jake.

Right next door to Tony's Cyprus Tavern is a huge play park full of inflatables, trampolines and other playground equipment such as slides etc. It was €6 and the children can play as long as they want. It's all outdoors and you have to walk through Tony's to get in so while we waited for our meals John took Jake in for a play. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more because John looked liked he was having a great time on the bouncy castles and inflatable slides.

Usually after lunch Jake would fall asleep for a couple of hours. We would put him in his pram in the shade by the pool. It was great timing as the heat between 12-3pm was crazy hot so it was perfect that he slept through it. Daddy and I would usually take turns watching him while the other played in the pool with John. He loved snorkelling in the pool, playing with the ball or just practising his backflips. Usually there was an activity on at 3pm so it wasn't long before he was getting ready for water polo or something else. He was really good at water polo and although most of the people there were not English they all worked well as a team. 

Like I said earlier the pools were very quiet and it was nice that they never felt overcrowded. Jake would usually wake just before John went to play football. Every time he woke he would say the same thing and it was so funny. He would sit up say 'morning' then smile. He would then sit on my knee and say 'ice cream peas mummy' peas meaning please.  

The baby pool went completely shaded around 4pm so it was nice for Jake to have time in the pool without his swim/sun hat or top on. Although most days he would want to keep his hat on anyway. He would get out his bucket, watering can and water ball and play nicely until he said 'enough pool' and then we knew he wanted to head back to the room for a shower and watch some Peppa Pig. John would return to the room looking very hot and sweaty after playing over a hour of football. He seemed to really like it and again although most of the children were not English they all got on really well. 

After dinner we would head to the children's playground for Jake to have a run round. The evenings are perfect as its quiet and completely shaded. We did check it out one afternoon and it was far to hot. The playground area is kept clean but some of the equipment look a little dated and in need of repair in places. Jake enjoyed it though which is all that matters I suppose. 

Mini disco starts at 8:40pm at the stage area next to the bar. For us it was a little late because by this time Jake was exhausted. He does love his sleep. He did get up to dance a few times with the help of his big brother and joined in with a few dances. There was always a live act on afterwards which were very amateur and cheesy but we would watch them anyway. Once we were done we would head back to the room. John would go off and play table tennis with boys he had met and Jake would be almost asleep by the time we got back. 

Our room was right next door to the table tennis area so John would play out there while we settled Jake into bed. 

There is a small beach just steps away from the hotel and we visited it a few times throughout our stay. It was busy but there was always room to pop down your stuff on the beach or a rock. Both boys loved it here. John would go snorkelling trying to catch fish and Jake just loved swimming around, finding rocks or playing with his bucket.

The water was very calm down here and it was safe enough for Jake to have the freedom to wander around or swim on his own. It was probably the only time in my life that I have enjoyed being in the sea. I usually don't like it at all but it was lovely.

Close by there are lots of water sports activities. Daddy had said before we went away that he would love to try Parasailing. I didn't think he would do it but on his birthday we headed down to the beach and paid for Daddy to go up in the "big balloon" (as Jake called it). John went with him on the boat and Jake and I stayed on the dock and watched as he went up in the air. It looked amazing and I would love to do it but I would be too scared. Not of the height because heights don't really bother me it just I'm not great with water and I would be petrified if something went wrong and I landed in the sea. 

When Daddy returned he said it was amazing and although it is very high, it's feels so safe and you are just overwhelmed by the views that you forget how high you are. He said the sea was so clear and he saw a huge turtle that was about 1m long. I would have loved to seen that. So he did it and he got a certificate to prove he did. 

Like I mentioned earlier there is not a lot going on in the actually town but you can visit other towns by using the bus service which runs every 15 minutes and costs just €1.50 each way. The bus stop is a ten minute walk from Malama Beach Holiday Village. You get the 102 bus which takes you to a number of different towns. It finished at the waterpark in Ayia Napa. If you were to stay on the bus from Malama Beach Holiday Village to the waterpark it takes about 75 minutes. We took the bus and visited Protaras which was a ten / fifteen minute bus ride. It had the usual gift shops selling lots of goodies. Jake bought some toys but we couldn't see anything for John.

We visited the beach there but it was so hot and very overcrowded not like a lovely secluded beach back at the resort. We enjoyed looking around though and it was nice to do something different. Daddy was happy because we found a Costa Coffee. Daddy enjoyed an iced coffee and John and Jake both got a Mango and Passionfruit smoothie cooler which is what they get at home. They went down well because it was extremely hot the day we went to Protaras. There are lots of familiar places to eat here including McDonald's, Pizza Hut and KFC.

The weather in Cyprus was very very hot. When we booked the holiday last September we had no idea about Cyprus as we had never been before. For me it was too hot and knowing what the temperatures are like now in August I would have preferred to go another time when it was cooler. John is like me and not a fan of the heat or sun but we coped and managed to stay away from it as best we could in the pool or under the shade. 

Daddy loves the sun and would be happy to lie in it all day although there were points throughout the holiday when he had to come under the shade too. Jake didn't seem to mind the heat or the sun. He just got on with it and like I said earlier he slept through most of the afternoon heat so that was perfect. 

We found the second week of our holiday to have more English guests. John made some lovely friends and would go off most of the day and do his own thing with them going in with the many activities. That brings me on to the Entertainment team, they were so lovely and friendly and they made John's holiday a fun one. The team didn't stop all day and night organising activities and getting the kids and adults up and about. John absolutely loved taking part in the water polo and football and I think it was mainly down to Miro. Miro was part of the entertainment team and him and John got on very well. All staff on the complex work so hard and they are so friendly and nothing was ever too much trouble. 


What We Liked

The whole complex was spotless. The pool, gardens and dining area where so clean.

Activities during the day were great for the kids. John played table tennis, football and water polo. He loved getting involved.

The complex has a beach just a few short steps away. Although it gets very busy there with people reserving sun loungers quite early there is still lots of space available to pop down a towel or two on the sand.

The sea is so clear and calm. It was always warm in the little bay and perfect for John to go snorkelling.

We loved the fact that this hasn't been picked up by a main travel company yet such as Thomson, First Choice etc. 

Peaceful and not because it was quiet because there wasn't people screaming or shouting at their kids. There were no kids running around being silly.

Nothing was too much trouble. We had a slight problem with a door and after reporting it within two minutes someone was there to fix it.

The view from room 1901 was breathtaking.

The whole resort was very quiet. We never had to worry about sun loungers or a table in the evening.

What Could Improve

The lifeguard is sat tucked away in a corner. He is over looking the baby pool but there is no way he can see the other two pools from where he is sat. There should definitely be more lifeguards around the pool area.

This would be the perfect holiday if there were another restaurant or snack bar that you could use under all inclusive

There are no child locks on the door to the apartment. It was very easy for Jake to just open it. 

The children's playground was dated in places with screws not fastened in properly on the slide and a hole in the crawl through tunnel. It could do with a makeover and a lick of paint.

In our opinion mini disco was a little too late - it started at 8:40 - 9:15. This was too late for Jake, who by this this time was falling asleep on our knee. Previous holidays we have been on mini disco started before 7:30 so perfect for the younger ones.

The wifi was €20 for one week for two devices which is quite reasonable but it was very slow and only available in certain 'hotspots' around the resort. Our apartment wasn't one of the them.


I know we will visit Cyprus again and I think we would definitely return to Malama Beach Holiday Village. We had an amazing two weeks and I would highly recommend to anyone who planned to visit the area. 


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