Mini Moose Arctic Adventure Playground at Chill Factore

Last week we were invited to Mini Moose Arctic Adventure Playground at Chill Factore. The play area which is suitable for children under 4 is a new addition to the Snow Park. Big J and I would have loved to attend but unfortunately we couldn't so it was just Daddy and Little J. They look and sound like they had amazing time so I will hand over to Daddy to tell you all about it.

We arrived a little earlier than we expected as the m62 was really clear.  Little J hadn't eaten his breakfast so I was glad to find a nice Costa in the Chill Factore building, where we sat and had some toast and a nice drink.

Little J was really excited about the snow, as he had really only seen some fake snow at Disneyland Paris before. Before we signed in, I showed him the snow and the piste and he was amazed! He shouted 'colv' 'snow' which is little J language for cold snow.

Next we went through to the changing area to get kitted out in snow gear. There are lots of types to choose from, and even gloves and socks are available. Little J looked so cute in his outfit and oversized boots!

Little J had has first few steps on snow a few minutes later, and he looked like he was walking on the moon. I would love to know what he was thinking, trying to work out how to make it from one side of the play area to another.  He felt his way across taking in the sights of the play area, spotting the slide, playhouse, maze and mini slope area all at once!

It was maze time first, little J navigated his way through it and was very pleased with himself for finding the tunnels at the end which he disappeared into for a few minutes, emerging back where he went in.

Next it was time for the slide, this was a large little tykes type plastic slide in the middle of the snow area, little J couldn't climb to the top on his own, so I lifted him - but he made it to the bottom in one piece. He found it funny when he landed in the snow at the end.

It was very cold inside the play area, and with little J being the smallest there I took him in for a break and a warm before he attempted the mini slope, swapping his gloves over too as they had got wet.

The mini slope was little J's favourite activity of the day, he loves sitting in the inflatable donut ring and sliding down the snow to the end. He wanted to do this again and again. It was only when he spotted the playhouse from the top of the slide that he wanted to do something else.

He had fun in the playhouse, shouting 'hiya' out of the window, and it wasn't until we came out that I realised Little J was the last one out!!

We got treated to a nice pizza lunch upstairs at chill factore and all the children sat and played together during lunch.

All in all, a great day and we will definately return, with both Big and Little J in tow.

Tips for visiting

Wear warm clothing underneath as it is very cold.

Take £1 for a locker, this is refundable on departure.

Make sure you take hat and gloves as it can be costly to buy as none available for hire.

Take an extra pair of socks as one pair will get wet inside the boots.

Although adult supervision is needed, I felt comfortable giving little J the freedom to wander ahead.

It looks like this could get very busy at peak times.

For more details and prices please visit the Chill Factore

*we were invited to the opening of the Mini Moose Arctic Adventure Playground in return for a full honest review. Any thoughts, opinions and photographs above are our own*


  1. Wow! This looks great! I've never seen anything like it before. What a unique idea for a play area. A big contrast in temperature to our outdoor playgrounds at the moment! :) x

  2. Awww this looks like so much fun! He's obviously having a whale of a time, such great pictures, Becky x #ToddlersAndTeens

  3. OMG!! How cool is that! I would love to go there myself ha ha! Looks like a great place and different to these soft play areas!!


  4. Oh my! This place looks totally amazing, I am so gutted we aren't closer! I want to go play, I wanna build a snowmaaaaaaan! Sorry xx

  5. What a neat place to visit! I wish there were places like that in my small little town in the US. Thanks so much for hosting #ToddlersAndTweens :)

  6. Wow, this looks so much fun! Wish we had something like this near us! #ToddlerandTween

  7. Oh wow, Ive never seen something like that before, so so cute!! #Toodlers&Teens

  8. That is certainly a day out with a difference

  9. That is certainly a day out with a difference

  10. This looks amazing! My son would absolutely love to visit here


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