Date Night With Calamity Jane

20 May 2015

My favourite night out is definitely a trip to the theatre. I love watching stage productions and my passion started when my Mum and Dad took me to watch Grease. I was mesmerised from start to finish and I have enjoyed going ever since. Daddy booked me tickets to see Calamity Jane for my birthday. I absolutely love Calamity Jane and I used to watch it all the time when I was younger. When I read Jodie Prenger was Calamity Jane I was so excited. I watched Jodie win the role of Nancy in Oliver on BBC One show I'd Do Anything, I would have loved to see her in that.

When we arrived at the theatre there was a sign saying due to technical difficulties the show was running late so would start at 8pm instead of 7.30pm. Luckily we arrived early so we headed to the bar and got a seat. It got really busy in the bar area as people started to arrive. Most were happy to grab a drink and have a quick chat before the show but there were a few that were not happy. I did feel sorry for staff who were trying to keep everyone calm and apologising for the delay.

view from the Ambassador Lounge

When the auditorium opened there was a stampede of people rushing to take their seats. Daddy and I stayed until it emptied a little and then made our way to the stalls. It was a full house in the stalls with only a few seats dotted about that were empty. We made our way to row B, we had the aisle seats but when we approached there were two ladies in our seats. Daddy asked them politely if they were in the correct seats and they showed us their tickets and they were the same as ours. Off we went to see the manager who tried to sort out the situation. You was really helpful and couldn't apologise enough, we had been double booked. She got a member of staff to escort us to aisle seats on Row D and promised us complimentary drinks in the VIP lounge in the interval. It was lovely to view the city through the huge glass windows while listening to the piano. A really nice treat.

The show started as soon as we sat down. The music started as the cast hummed and sang The Black Hills Of Dakota as an intro to the show. Most of the audience joined in too.

From the moment Jodie stepped on the stage as Calamity Jane I knew it was going to be a great show.  She had perfected the role and accent and it was like I was watching Doris Day, I really think she did an amazing job. The chemistry between her and Tom Lister who played Bill was exciting and believable. In fact one of my favourite parts in the film is were Calamity and Bill sing 'I could do without you' and they did it so well it was also my favourite part in the show too.

The Golden Garter

The staging which didn't change at all throughout the show was set up as the Golden Garter Theatre. There wasn't a huge ensemble and as far as I could tell all the instruments were actually played on stage by the cast. There was no band.

There was one slightly weird moment when Adelaide Adams performed in the theatre in Chicago. The actress looked quite stiff and the whole scene was awkward. She didn't come across as the sexy star that Adelaide was in the film. I thought that maybe she was the understudy but after looking online she was cast as Adelaide so I am not sure why she looked uneasy on the night.

The songs were the same as the film except for a few new ones that were probably written for the stage show. Tom Lister has a lovely voice and I really enjoyed watching him sing but Jodie just blew me away which I knew she would. Everyone else including Katie Brown and Danny blended in nicely but for me Jodie and Tom just stole the show. I could have watched them all day.

Next on my 'to do' lists is Hairspray. I got tickets for my birthday so I am really excited. I would also really like to see Cats, Fame, Dirty Dancing (again) and also Tell Me On A Sunday which Jodie is starring in next year.

Do you have any trips to the theatre booked?

Jodie and I

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