Project 365 Days 96 - 102

Sorry this is a little late this week

So this week we went in to triple figures. 102 days I have been doing Project 365, its actually easier than I thought it would be. I am looking forward to looking back at all our photos once we have completed 365 days.

96/365 - A nice walk down Otterspool prom with Grandma

97/365 - I hope everyone made good use of the lovely weather. We had lots of garden time and even had our lunch outside.

98/365 - Our trampoline is really on its last legs. We will have to get a new before summer starts.

99/365 - The sun was shining at the Crematorium. Lots of flowers, windmills and a wooden I and R for Isabella and Rosie

100/365 - Today I scrubbed our house from top to bottom whilst the boys were out. I also got weighed today and lost 4lbs this week on my slimming world diet. So if was off to Manchester in the evening for a game of bingo and I ran in to these two.

101/365 - Big J always seems to have his nose in his phone these days. He is starting to use social media just with his friends. 

102/365 - Little J received a new boy doll this week. He loves it. 

So thats our week. Next week is the last week of the Easter half term.


  1. Such a lovely post, I was thinking of joining in with the 365 days post. x
    Steph |

  2. I love doing it and can't wait to look back once I've completed all 365

  3. You are right it will be so lovely to look back at all your photos when you have completed it! Looks like you had a great week, so pleased that eating outside/picnic season is beginning again! Thanks for linking up #MummyMonday host xx


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