Project 365 Days 89 - 95

Its been a busy week here. Little J had a visit to the hospital, Daddy and I went to see McBusted, big J enjoyed his first week off school and today its Easter.
Congratulations to all my readers who gave something up for Lent. Unfortunately I didn't give anything up but I really wish I had.

89/365 - Little J got a new chair for his birthday. He loves it. It's so nice now that he has his own space were he can sit and watch TV or play the Xbox.

90/365 - Daddy and I went to see McBusted tonight. It was an amazing show and while we were enjoying our meal we took some selfies to much disapproval of an elderly couple next to us who kept staring at us shaking their heads. 

91/365 - Big J doing a very good impression of a Dementor from the Harry Potter movies using his bed sheet.

92/365 - I love this photo. Both monkeys enjoyed playing in the water tray all afternoon. I love watching them play together.

93/365 - Today we were treated to a day out at the Epstein Theatre to see Beauty and The Beast. It was really good and very funny. Only big J and I were able to attend which was a shame as I think Daddy would have enjoyed it, I don't think little J would have been able to sit still for 2hr20.

94/365 - Chilling using little J's inflatable donkey as a pillow.

95/365 - Happy Easter


  1. Freakily Sebby is wearing those pyjamas too - love the dementour pic lol

    1. oh how strange :) I love those PJ's although they are starting to get a little small.

  2. Looks like a fun week. Seems like a funny time of year to have a panto!

    1. It was actually lots of fun and very funny x

  3. Looks like a fantastic week...
    hahaha! Love the Dementor pic x


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